10 Male Celebs You Forgot Had Long Hair (2023)

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From Tom Cruise to George Clooney and everyone in between, plenty of famous men have tried long hair.

10 Male Celebs You Forgot Had Long Hair (1)

When you're a celebrity, it seems like you have all eyes on you all the time. You have to follow the current trends and change your appearance for the role you can take on, if that's the case. So if you look back, there have been some questionable hairstyles over the years. Many male celebrities have had long hair at some point in their careers, and many may have forgotten about you.

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The '80s and '90s were a great time for men to sport long hair in Hollywood, but there have been some sporting long locks in recent years as well. From Tom Cruise to George Clooney and everyone in between, plenty of famous men have tried long hair.

10 tom cruise

Beforetom cruisehe was a household name, he had extremely long hair that made him almost unrecognizable in this photo. Tom looks like a completely different person with hair so long you wouldn't even know it was him at first glance. In the early '80s, Tom had long locks of hair, but they didn't last long as he had to cut his hair very short to star in the iconic movie.top gun. Over the years, he's had a little more,looks poorHowever, nothing lasted as long as this look she had back in the '80s.

9 Johnny Depp

over the years we knowJohnny Deppwe saw it in somehairstyles. From short looks to angled haircuts, we've seen Johnny in all sorts of styles. While he is known to have slightly longer hairstyles, it's easy to forget that he once had hair long enough to touch his shoulders.

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In the '90s, Johnny had beautiful long curls that fell just below his shoulders. Johnny looks like a completely different person with long hair, but we're very happy to say that it's working for him and we wouldn't mind if he grew it back.

8 Daniel Radcliffe

since we metDaniel Radcliffe, we know that he has more or less the same hairstyle: the shaggy Harry Potter look. However, onceharry potterfinished, Daniel could do whatever he wanted with his hair, since he wasn't Harry Potter anymore. As a result, there was a time when hehe had much longer hair. Daniel was forced to wear hair extensions for a movie he was working on. Fortunately, they were just extensions and could be removed as quickly as they were implanted, as fans weren't crazy about the look and neither was Daniel.

7 shaun blanco

Shaun White is as famous for his red hair as he is for his incredible snowboarding skills. Over the years he has been an incredible competitor in the Olympics, earning the nickname The Flying Tomato for hisfiery red hairand the amazing air you get from snowboarding. In 2018, she traded in her long red hair for a much shorter, darker, sleeker hairstyle. The change was so drastic and we got so used to her shorter haircut that we forgot about those long loose locks.

6 Orlando Bloom

Just like Johnny Depp,Orlando Bloomalways evolvedhairstylesthroughout the years. From mohawks to a shaved head to a messy look. He's gotten so many looks over the years that it's easy to forget he had long hair, too. His wavy brown hair was shoulder length and was even pulled up in a bun from time to time. Orlando is one of those people who can really work with long hair, and he also reminds us of his time inpirates of the caribbean.

5 Chris Hemsworth

we all know thatChris Hemsworthhe had long blonde hair when he played the role of Thor. However, there was a time outside of that character where Chris actually had long blonde hair. In 2013, Chris grew out his blonde hair for a while.shoulder heightfor a movie calledAyer.


Chris played the role of British racing legend James Hunt, known for his long blonde hair along with his racing. Fortunately, if you have genes like the Hemsworths, you can sport almost any hairstyle you try, and long hair definitely suits Liam; we wouldn't mind if he left it long.

4 ashton kutcher

ashton kutcheris another actor who had a series ofhairstylesover the years and constantly changing its appearance. We've seen it in everything from a very short short cut to a messy headboard, and now this look. Ashton rocked the long locks in 2011, where her hair was so long that it reached past her shoulders at one point. She kept her long hair for about a year before giving it the final cut for a movie role. Sadly, we haven't seen long-haired Ashton since.

3 David Beckham

We are so used to seeing youDavid Beckhamwith short hair you can barely remember he was once handsomewide hair. We've seen David in everything from short cuts to side parting to this longer hairstyle. David had longer hair when he was playing soccer much younger. He was even lighter, much blonder than he is now. Since then, he has traded in his long locks for undercuts and a side parting. However, if you look like David Beckham, you can sport any hairstyle.

2 harry styles

It seems that we literally sawharry styleshe has grown since he started in One Direction. She started in the band with her shorter curly hair and that's it.advancedfrom there on. It was a few years before he actually grew her hair, but at most it reached past her shoulders. She shocked fans and the world in 2016 when she cut her long curly hair short while taking part in the war movie.Therefore. There are plenty of fans who still want Harry to go back to long hair, but for now, he's sporting short hair.

1 george clooney

george clooneyis another star who has sported a variety of hairstyles over the years. In recent years, George has sported a shorter hairstyle, but there was a time when George Clooney had pretty long hair, believe it or not. In the late '80s, early '90s, George had hair that was longer than his shoulders.this photographywas recorded at the premiere ofred swell1990, where George looks a bit like a rock star. We're not sure why he decided to grow his hair out, but we're not really used to it, that's for sure.

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