20 popular celebrity photos of men with long hair that look amazing (2023)

    Some people find men with long hair too feminine. Well, in modern realities this is no longer the case. Today, long, healthy hair is more envied than ridiculed. And many male celebrities have successfully proven that long men's hair can look stylish, attractive and even more masculine. So let's enjoy this exciting journey through the boldest hair.celebritylook together. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to do solet your hair growyou yourself.

    Brad Pitt Brushed Back Layers

    IfBrad PittWhen she started wearing her hair long, she immediately took her style to a whole new level. Its signature brushed style has an elegant, sophisticated feel, making it the perfect choice for red carpet events.

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    Hacia just bangs behind Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom's hair proves it's more than enough to look camera-ready and embrace your natural curls. The actor simply wears his hair back in a slightly relaxed manner. In particular, he combines his polished and sophisticated hairstyle with a clean-shaven face. It looks even more beautiful and elegant.

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    Avan Jogia Wavy Hairstyle Shag

    It would be a shame to hide a mane as luscious as Avan Jogia's. Fortunately, he seems to agree with us and therefore never misses an opportunity to show him off. Even though your hair looks disheveled and disheveled, we know how much effort goes into styling it and making those curls look gorgeous and shiny.

    Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock


    A side part by Milo Ventimiglia

    Nobody knows how to pull off a retro look without looking dated better than Milo Ventimiglia. She complements her long, straight locks with a side parting that defines the hairdo. To add to the vintage feel of the look, the actor pairs it with a thick, full mustache.


    Jared Leto's long curls

    If you want all eyes on you, try Jared Leto's chin length haircut. This length of men's hairstyles helps emphasize the chin, as well as a well-trimmed beard, adding masculinity to the look. However, that's not what sets this incredibly talented actor/director/songwriter/singer's locks apart. To make all of Leto's men's haircuts shine, you need to take proper care of his mane and make sure you use enough products that will make his hair as shiny and shiny as Jared's.



    Timothee Chalamet Mid-length side part

    Despite his young age, Timothée Chalamet gained widespread popularity due to his memorable roles in the hit film series. But not only the excellent performance is remembered. Her beautiful full head of chocolate brown hair makes us all jealous of her heavenly genetics. Timothée's hair in particular is styled into soft curls that balance out his defined face shape as one of the most stylish hairstyles for men with long hair. So we can witness how flattering styles for men with long hair can complement facial features.

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    Bradley Cooper Medium Waves

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, this Las Vegas marketing slogan does not refer to Bradley Cooper's God Waves. They went well beyond the City of Lights, that's for sure. When looking for ways to style long hair, men should definitely try to replicate the looks of our favorite groomsmen. Apply a pomade to your hair and run your fingertips from front to back. Men with long curly hair would pull off the look with ease as their braids were designed for this style.


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    Dev Patel Messy textured curls

    Dev Patel's men's hairstyles have improved over the course of his career. Starting out as a brash teenager in Skins, his career has progressed into serious, mature roles, and so has his hair. Patel's relaxed, slightly tousled style emphasizes that long hair on men can look elegant and casual at the same time.



    Justin Bieber Backcut Hairstyle

    You can love it or hate it, but you can't ignore it. This phrase refers not only to Justin Bieber's artistic endeavors, but also to all of his male long hairstyles. Luckily, he sported one of the most popular men's hairstyles among rock fans recently. The medium-length, faded natural mop is preferred to be combed back or simply worn loose and is held in high esteem by Kurt Cobain fans.

    Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

    Kit Haringtons Rippled Smooth Shores

    Another Game of Thrones star, Kit Harrington proudly flaunts his perfect example of messy hairstyles for men. Or was it high quality?continuous, or Mother Nature was kind to him, but Harrington's curls look perfect. Typically, curls are one of the long hairstyles that men are reluctant to do. However, Kit shows how much they lose by doing so.


    Harry Styles haariger Stil

    As we have already said, long hair for men often means much more than just a hairstyle. It can mark a turning point in a man's life or career. As a former member of the pop band One DirectionHarry Stylesstarted wearing her long masculine hairstyles, the public noticed a serious shift in her music career toward professional mastery.



    Curly bob by Matthew McConaughey

    While Matthew McConaughey will flatter literally any hairstyle, it's his long, soft locks that drive girls crazy. They give his look a romantic and dreamy look and make the actor a real heartthrob. fewStubblecontributes to its attractiveness.

    Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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    Jeff Bridges Silberhaar

    Who said anything about the age limit for men with long hair? Slicked Back by Jeff Bridgessilver hairand the full beard combo just sounds ridiculous. This famous American actor claims that being a man with long hair is a state of mind, not the body.

    If you've ever thought about wearing long hair, now is the time. Our collection of the best celebrity styles for men with long hair proves that anyone with the right attitude can pull off the look. Don't wait any longer and choose the hairstyle that suits you.


    Bob and Capes by Chris Hemsworth

    Although we love each other very muchChris Hemsworth haircutWhen he was little, his new style looked exceptionally flattering on him. Chris Hemsworth's long hair gives him a relaxed and playful look that adds to the casualness of his look. Such is the case when his role as the thunder god Thor came in handy for the actor in real life.

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    Ashton Kutcher's broken medium globe

    Ashton Kutcher's hair has probably seen it all. There were times when the actor sported a rather tousled version of a long bob with a natural center part. We can't say it was her best haircut, but she definitely has a reason to be.

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    Long highlighted curls by Jason Momoa

    Agood manAfter all, it is one of the trendiest and most unusual hairstyles for men with long hair. Jason Momoa, who played the warlord leader of the Dothraki tribe, Khal Drogo, in Game of Thrones, gave the hairstyle a masculine and bold touch. Without a doubt, this Hawaiian wringer can bring any hairstyle into male territory.


    Kendrick Lamar braids

    One of the most talented and successful rappers of his generation, Kendrick Lamar took braids to a whole new level by making them his signature hairstyle.men with pigtailsWorks perfectly for black men's messy curly hair. They make it possible to tame unruly curls and create one of the most defined lengths.Haircuts for men. In addition to easy care, the “do” helps to visually lengthen the face, which men with a round shape really appreciate.

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    Juba Rockstar by Dave Grohl

    who can swinglong hairstyles for menIn most cases do you find intimidation better than a rock star? No one. Dave Grohl is living proof of that. Her natural and cheerful hairstyle wins the hearts of her fans along with her work. When opting for seemingly easy-to-manage hairstyles, men should keep in mind that they really do require a lot of maintenance. Start with regular conditioning and cutting. This rockabilly look shouldn't go over the shaggy edge with either hair on top of your head or hair on your face.

    Everett/Shutterstock Collection

    The elegant covers of Keanu Reeves

    Can you name another guy who would look just as sexy and attractive in his mid-fifties? The face of Yves Saint Laurent's latest fashion campaign is the modern man par excellence. And something makes us think it's thanks in large part to Keanu Reeves' new hairdo. Keanu Reeves' mane seems to complement his look perfectly, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel.

    Lev Radin/Shutterstock

    Chris Pine's smooth back

    Chris Pine's hair is always looking at its best. The actor manages to successfully wear any hairstyle, from short to long, giving it his signature sophisticated touch. Chris Pine's long hair is all about elegance and style. He also shows off his masculine features perfectly by brushing his golden hair back.



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