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Fresh, clean oil in your engine is essential if you want it to run well and last a long time.

The oil change is one of the most common repairs that exist andA motor oil change will cost between $27 and $87 at most shops.. It's a quick and easy repair, so most of the cost is for the oil and filter, not labor.

The cost is also affected by the type of oil used. Conventional oil is the cheapest but has the shortest range, while synthetic oil has the longest range and highest cost. This is due to the time it takes for the molecules in the oil to start breaking down and getting dirty. Most modern cars recommend synthetic oils, so check your owner's manual to find out exactly what type and weight is recommended. As the car ages, it is also recommended to switch to a synthetic or synthetic blend oil, which will take some of the load off the engine and help it last longer.

Oil Change Cost Comparison

your mechanic

Work Guarantee Preis
parts and labor 12 fun 27 $ – 82 $


Work Guarantee Preis
parts and labor 12 fun $ 22 – $ 87

mr tire

Work Guarantee Preis
parts and labor 12 fun 27 $ – 60 $


Work Guarantee Preis
parts and labor 24 fun 31 $ – 60 $


Work Guarantee Preis
to you Limited $ 18 – $ 56


Work Guarantee Preis
to you Limited $ 15 – $ 90

What is an oil change?

Oil is an essential part of the engine, responsible for circulating through the engine and lubricating the different moving parts. Without oil, the engine would separate and the friction between these moving components would gradually lead to extreme levels of friction. Excessive wear caused by these unlubricated parts would result in rapid engine failure, so keeping quality oil in your engine can save you a fortune in repairs.

The friction caused by the moving parts of an engine causes tiny particles to fall out over time. Left unchecked, these microscopic particles can cause very serious damage to an engine.Motor oil works by absorbing them and moving them out of the engine and into the engine.oil filterwhere the oil is withdrawn and returned.

Motor oil also reduces corrosion and rust by minimizing the engine's exposure to oxygen. The moving parts of an engine also generate a lot of heat, so the oil can act as a coolant and absorb some of that energy.

Change the oil regularlyremoves old oil that can become dirty over time and replaces it with fresh oil, keeping your engine running at its best and reducing the risk of potential damage.

Benefits of an oil change

Over time, numerous impurities accumulate in the oil, negatively affecting its performance. The various particles and other dirt that collects build up over time, and water can collect and cause sediment. If left too long, dirty oil can damage the engine it's designed to protect.

Regular oil and filter changes provide your engine with clean, fresh oil so it can do its job properly.The result is that your engine and its components must remain in top condition for a long period of time.

When should the oil be changed?

The frequency of oil changes depends on several factors such as: B. driving conditions and the type of car you drive. Regular oil changes can significantly extend the life of an engine and often double the mileage of a good 2018 Honda CR-V.

Most manufacturers recommend changing every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, but that's in pretty idyllic driving conditions. Under extreme operating conditions, the oil may need to be changed every 1000 miles.

Extreme operating conditions are actually much more common than the name might suggest. If you spend most of your time at rush hour or around town braking/starting, take several short trips each day letting the engine cool down completely in between, or rarely drive your 2018 Honda CR-V at speeds higher, this can be considered extreme conditions. The engine doesn't get a chance to get hot enough to vaporize the water that collects in the crankcase, causing sludge to build up in the engine.

If you live in a particularly hot climate, in an area with a lot of dirt or dust, or if you carry heavy loads most of the time, these are also considered extreme conditions. Manufacturers generally recommend how often to change the oil in extreme conditions for newer 2018 Honda CR-Vs, and for older cars, it should be changed every 1,000 to 3,000 miles.

Newer 2018 Honda CR-Vs can run much longer on fresh oil under ideal operating conditions. Manufacturers generally recommend changing your oil every 7,500 miles, but it's worth remembering that, under ideal conditions, they appreciate this and have a financial incentive to keep your engine from lasting as long as it could.

Improvements in engine oil technology mean it generally lasts longer than before, but to be on the safe side, try to change your oil every 5,000 miles or so, under reasonable driving conditions. This goal, or one change every 6 months, should be more than enough for the vast majority of drivers.

If you spend most of your driving time on the highway and take long trips at high speeds, you may need a little more time between gears. If you're driving on country roads or around town, you should probably consider this the maximum time between changes. Never exceed the manufacturer's recommended limit between changes.

What is done when changing the oil?

  1. Your 2018 Honda CR-V is often put on a plastic sheet by the mechanic before you drive it. It can be a messy job, so this helps eliminate a lot of the cleaning work.
  2. The carriage is raised to allow easy access to the bottom of the engine.
  3. The tools required are usually a socket wrench, rubber mallet, filter wrench, oil pan, and new oil filter. These will be available at the beginning of the work to facilitate the work.
  4. Before starting work, the mechanic applies some new oil to the gasket of the new oil filter.
  5. The drain plug is removed to allow the old oil to drain from the engine. Meanwhile, the old oil filter is replaced with a new one.
  6. When the old oil is reduced to a slight drip, a new gasket is installed on the plug, if necessary, and tightened with a wrench and hammer.
  7. The mechanic will remove any drips under the car and add fresh oil to the engine to complete the job.

This will save you money when changing the oil.

Changing the oil is a relatively easy task, so this is one of the few repairs you can do yourself (if you have the tools). Changing your oil is an inexpensive repair, so most places don't charge much, if any, for labor costs. You can save money by buying a cheaper oil, but make sure it matches the manufacturer's recommendation for your 2018 Honda CR-V.

Some shops offer oil changes as part of your regular maintenance, so you may not need to do this outside of your regular maintenance.

How much does an oil change cost?

Below are some examples of oil change prices on some popular 2018 Honda CR-V models. While the cost of an engine oil change will vary depending on your 2018 Honda CR-V and where you live, you should give an idea of ​​what to expect

Model Work to you Total
Ford Serie F $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 60 $ 27 $ – 60 $
silver chevrolet $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 60 $ 27 $ – 60 $
Ford Focus $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 60 $ 27 $ – 60 $
Toyota Camry $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 62 $ 27 $ – 62 $
Toyota Corolla $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 62 $ 27 $ – 62 $
nissan altima $ 0 – $ 0 31 $ – 60 $ 31 $ – 60 $
Honda CR-V $ 0 – $ 0 US$49 – US$87 US$49 – US$87
Honda Civic $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 60 $ 27 $ – 60 $
Honda Accord $ 0 – $ 0 28 $ – 60 $ 28 $ – 60 $
Ford Fusion $ 0 – $ 0 27 $ – 60 $ 27 $ – 60 $
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