300+ cute nicknames for boys with MEANING (2023)

Are you at the point in your date or relationship where you want to call your man by a special nickname but it has to be cute, where will you find that? Don't worry, we have a huge list of cute nicknames for boys, say them out loud to see how they sound and pick two or three if you don't like the one you've chosen.

We even recorded some in Italian, French, German, Russian and some in Spanish. You have to try a few and see if you like them. If you don't like any, go back to the list and try again!

Remember, a nickname means more when it's personal between the two of you, and if he doesn't like boring nicknames like Lamb Chops, stick with the classics like Baby or Hun. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a nickname, don't use one that you've used with an ex or one that confuses you with a disability like height. If he's short, don't call him short, we shouldn't have to explain that, but it would be cruel.

You don't have to choose from this list either. Think about him, his facial expressions and personality. Does he show emotions easily or not, what hobbies does he have? All of these things can help you choose or find a nickname for him that is more personal and means more to him than just a random nickname or babe or sweetheart.


Adorable, or you can add Adorable Angel.

Amore Mio – Italian means “meu amor”.

Angel: Polish means angel.

Angel - because he protects you, makes your life easier.

Agapi-mou - Greek for "my love".

Angel Eyes: Your eyes are sweet, kind and full of love.

Angel Baby – another cute name for a cute boy.

Angel Face: She has this sweet, angelic face.

Amorcito – in Spanish it means my little love.

Angel Heart: You see, he has an angel's heart filled with love and kindness.

Angel of Love: He's your Angel of Love, so tell him maybe you gave up on love until you met him.

Angels of mine - self-explanatory.

Ace: It is your ace that trumps all others.

Angelito - Spanish means angel.

Anteros: in Greek prepares mutual love.


Baby cake: tu amor.

Babe: A classic nickname.

Babu – Indian, is a title of respect for an educated man, South Asia uses it as a title of respect for a father, grandfather. If you choose to use it as a term of endearment, Urban Dictionary says it represents respect for something of greater value.

Baby Face: Has a youthful face.

Blue eyes - (if you have blue eyes).

Baby Blues - (for blue eyes).

Baccha - Hindi for male means baby, female version would be Bacchi.

Bright Eyes: Bright eyes full of promise.

Baby Doll: for a cute boy.

Caipira or Caipira do Campo - if you come from the country.

Bellissimo: Italian for charming if you have a charming mind, soul or just good looks.

Bad Boy - Not a criminal, just a little rebellious.

Other half: because being with him brings out the best in you.

Boo Bear: for a cute boy.

Bärchen: in German it means bear.

Boo - for a handsome guy.

Bello: Italian for handsome man.

Baby Love - tall charming boy.

Bambino - Italian for baby.

Buttercup - sweet and cute for you.

Bedroom eyes: if you have seductive eyes.

Bootylicious - no explanation needed.

Brown eyes: If you have brown eyes.

Braveheart: Brave and courageous, he stands up for what he believes in.


Casanova - a true master of love.

Carebear: because he is loving and takes care of you like no other.

Cutiepie - yes he is super cute.

Cowboy - A strong male nickname.

Corazón – Spanish means affection.

Snuggle Cake: For a loving friend.

Cuddle Bunch: Boy who likes to cuddle.

Cariño - Spanish for honey, love.

Chaviv: Hebrew means much loved.

Champion: He is your champion.

Cuddly Bear - He loves to cuddle just like you.

Candy-Man: He's cute in everything he does.

Captain: He is the captain of your heart.

Snuggle Muffin - For a cute guy who loves to cuddle.

Cupcake - cute boy.

Caro Mio - Italian for "lovely" for male, female would be Caro Mia.

Chi Chi Poo: Apelido Bonito und Rimado.

Cuddle Buddy – Another great name for a cuddly guy.


Darling, an old one, but a gift.

Daudi: Swahili means beloved.

Doll face: because she has this clean and smooth face.

Dream Boat - From the first time you saw it, you've been dreaming about it.

Dear Heart: Another old one, but still good.

Dreamy - he's dreamy to you, let him know.

Drakonchik - Russian for little dragon.

Dewdrop: For a wise and refreshing type.

Dreamlover - He is everything you ever dreamed of in a lover.

Dumplings - delicious as a dumpling.

Daredevil - This guy is into rock climbing, skydiving, well, you know.

Diamond - he is your diamond.

Handsome: He's handsome and needs to know that's what you think.

Dream Guy - lets him know he's your dream guy.

Don Juan - it's smooth and you like it.


Charming when he's a charming guy.


Fire Cracker - Can be a bit moody.

Fuzzybear: for a loving boy.

Fabio, do we need to say more?

Foxy: smart, elegant and beautiful.

Tune in - because it makes your heart shine.

Firefly - because it brings light into your life.


Linda: The nickname says it all.

Good looking, again no need to explain.

Gladiator - a true warrior.

Green eyes - that's pretty obvious.

Gum Drop: It's sweet and delicious.

Golden Boy – He's your golden boy and it lets him know.


Beautiful, needs no explanation.

Hunk: He's a 10 to you and that tells him that.

Heart Throb - Gets your heart pumping when you enter the room.

Hon': a pattern that never goes out of style.

Honey: sweet like honey.

Huggies: He's the one you want to hug with you and you with him.

Hugs: He loves to give hugs.

Honey Bear: cute and cuddly.

Hot Stuff - He's your hot stuff.

Heart Breaker: He could break hearts.

Honey Bunch – chico dulce.

Honey Bee - He's busy all the time and he's still cute.

Hot Lips: You love getting kisses from her because they are hot.

Hottie - You think it's hot, what better way to put it.

Honey Buns - They find their buns extremely sweet.

Honey Pants - Fills out your jeans really well.

Honey Cake - He likes cakes, you like cakes, why not?

Hotness: Similar to the Hot Stuff, let him know you find him irresistible.

Hun Bun: similar to honey buns.

Drops of honey: drops of sweetness.

Husband: nickname for husband.

Honey Pot: It's a whole jar of candy.

Bunny Bunny: It's cute and sweet.

Hot Honey: It's hot and sweet.

Huggaboo - This is new, but it's huggable and cute, so it fits.


Iron Man: You think he's strong.

Italian Stud - You will find him extremely hot and well built.

Indian Warrior - Will fight for what he believes in.

Inamorato: Italian meaning, male lover.


Jelly Bear: cute and cuddly.

Jay Bird: He likes birds and blue is his favorite color.

Jelly Bean: He may look tough, but he has a soft heart.

Jazzy: He's full of panache and fun.

JAAN: The pronounced Ja-an has its roots in the Sanskrit/Urdu language and means "life".

JD or Jack: It's like Jack Daniels, smooth and distinguished.

Merry Knight - Bring joy wherever you go.


King: He is your king and you are his queen.

Kissy Face - Every time you see his face you just want to kiss him.

Knight In Shining Armor: He will save you when you need him.

Kochanie – means beloved.


Love Muffin - If he loves muffins, it could be good for him.

Lamb: soft, fluffy and tender.

Lamb Chops - can be used for a little fluffy guy.

Love Bug: There really is a bug called love bug. It is seen in Florida at certain times of the year, that is mating season and how it got its name love bug. Even though it's a mistake, it's still a cute name for your man.

Mistress - An old pattern that can be used.

Lamb: soft, tender and sweet. If that defines your man, this could be the name for him.

Love face: He has a face that you just have to love.

Love of my life: That should be reserved for just that.

Luvy Duvy: A gentle form of affection.

Love Bear: He is big and cuddly, full of love.

Lover Boy: He is handsome and his lover.

Love Machine - Shows your love 24/7.

Lovey Dovey: A gentle form of affection.

Lover Pie: Similar to Lover.

Light of my life: brought light into your world.

Darling: German means affection.

Lady Killer: He's good looking and a lot of women look up to him.

Luchik – Russian means sunbeam, ray of light.

Lovebird: Like real "lovebirds", it shows affection.

Love Train - has taken you places you never knew from the start.


My love - the one you love.

Nice: Afrikaans significa bonito.

Mi Amor - Spanish for "my love".

Mister. Right - Only to be used if you are sure that you are actually Mr. Right.

Darling: Polish means darling.

Mister. Perfect simply because it is perfect in every way.

Mon Chéri - English for my love.

Mister Cutie: He's just a cutie, nothing more to say.

Magic Man - He can make you feel like nobody else, almost like magic.

McDreamy: It's just a dream for you.

Ma Raison De Vivre – French means my reason for living.

Mr. Night Rider: Alt, Moreno and Bonito.

Muscles: He's well built and you like that.

My happiness: Polish means my happiness.

Mon Trésor - French means my darling.

My everything, because he is everything to you.

Moonbeam: because when he looks at you, it's like the moon's rays surround you.

Misiu: Polish means stuffed animal.

My knight: the one who fights for you and saves you when you need it.

Main Squeeze - Lets him know that no matter who else is in your life, he is your main.

Mon Bébé D'amour - English translated as mi baby amor.

My everything: No explanation needed here, he is everything to you.

My One and Only, again like Mr Right, should not be used lightly.

My king, for you he is a king, why not?

Mon Ange - French translated as my angel.

My Sunshine - He's the sunshine in your life, there's no better way to let him know that.

My hero: He is your hero because he saved you.

Mon Coeur - French means to my heart.

Mister. Adorable – Put simply, you think he's absolutely adorable.

Munchkin - he can be small and cute so this could be the name for him.

Ma Foi – French means Mi fe.

McSteamy: You think it's absolutely hot.

My starry sky - French translates to "My starry sky".

My Heart's Desire - Let him know he's your heart's desire.

Mon Beau - French translates as my beautiful.

My World - It's your world, but make sure it's really true before using this one.

L'amour De Ma Vie - French translates as love of my life.

My beloved - he is the one you love.

My better half: He brings out the best in you.

Ma Force – French translates to my strength.

Candy Man - Hey, who doesn't love candy, especially ones with no added calories?

Maravilloso - Spanish means beautiful.

Mon Amour - French translates as my love.

Mister. Cool - This is the guy who is always cool, no matter what the situation.

Mon Dieu De Sexe: French translates to my sex god. If you really want to make your man feel special then use this one.

My Leo – Suits a guy who is like a leader.

Mister. Amazing - You think he's amazing in every way so please let him know.

Captain - This tells him of all the men in his life, family or friends that he is the captain in his life.

Muñeca - Spanish means doll.


Num Nums - You think it's totally delicious.

Near and dear: Whether he is near or far, he is dear to you.

Nenito - Spanish means baby.

Number one: because it's not just your number one, it's your only one.

Nookie Bear: Yes, made up, but hey, if it turns you on, let him know.

Nookie Wookie: Yes, made up, but it looks cute.


Old Man - has always existed.

One and one: We don't need to explain that.

The other half: He is the other half that completes you.

Osito: Spanish means cuddly toy, teddy bear.


Pumpkin - because you think he's classy and physically attractive.

Panda bear: big and strong.

Winnie the Pooh: Like Pooh, he's cute and cuddly.

Pryanichek - in Russian it means your gingerbread man.

Peanut: if small or short and fluffy.

Perfect, he is perfect for you in every way.

Peach: Sweet as a peach.

Cougar: He is quick as a cat and elegant.

Pookie: You think it's cute.

Precious, he is precious to you, so tell him.

PLAYBOY: He likes to play with you, but he's not dead and will look at other women.

Pookie Bear - You find him cute, big and strong.

Precious Angel: He is precious and an angel for you.

Pookie Pants: similar to a pookie and a pookie bear.

Pudding Cakes: Maybe she likes pudding cakes or the color of her eyes reminds you of your favorite pudding cake.

Pudding: It's smooth and sweet like pudding.

Pussy Cat: She is graceful, flexible and moves like a cat.

Prince: He's your prince, don't let him forget that.

Pitbull: is loyal and persistent.

Paramour - French means lover.

Precious Mío - Spanish means my treasure.


Querido – Spanish means darling, beloved, beloved.


Romeo: Maybe your son is cute and good with words.

Raindrop: because, like the raindrop, it is a force of nature for you and your personal growth.

Roo Roo: cute name that rhymes.

Rubber duck: soft, supple and fluffy.

Rolling Thunder - It's loud and beautiful.

Ron-ron: for a strong guy.

Rockstar: what guy doesn't want to be a rockstar?

Check out our other article:Good questions to ask a man to really get to know him.


Snookems: made up name that can mean anything you want.

Honey, this is a sure classic and never goes out of style.

Sweetie Pie: because he's your sweetheart and maybe likes pies.

Sugar: It is sweet like white sugar grains.

Schatz - German translates as treasure.

Sugar Cake: Similar to Sugar Cake.

Sailors: Ideal for sailors, active and retired.

Sexy: For you he is the sexiest man in the world.

Süsser: German means darling.

Snicker Doodles - Like the cookie, it's delicious and sweet.

Cuddling – This is good for him if he likes to cuddle with you.

Snuggley Wuggley – Like Snuggles, he loves to cuddle.

Schnucki - German means dear or dear.

Snuggle Bear: similar to Snuggley Wuggley or Snuggles.

Sexy Eyes: You think her eyes are the sexiest you've ever seen.

Sexy Pants - The way his pants fit makes them extremely sexy, whether he's walking towards you or walking away from you.

Sona - Indio translated means precious.

Snuggy: a stuffed animal.

Snuggy Huggy - Not only does he love to cuddle, he loves to cuddle too.

Stallion Muffin - You find him like a stallion and want to devour him like your favorite muffin too.

Stallion: Strong, well-built, sensual women look up to him and want children.

Honey – like honey, a classic that never goes out of style.

Stallion – As a stallion he is well built, handsome and you would think his offspring would be fantastic.

Soulmate: The only partner you will spend eternity with, so be careful with this one.

Sakharok - Russian means your sugar.

Stardust: for a romantic boy.

Sugar Lips - When he kisses you, you only feel sugary love.

Sparky - If he's energetic and ready to go, it could be good for him.

Southern Comfort because it's soft and sweet like the drink.

Sunny Boy - Bring sunshine everywhere.

Sweet Cheeks: His cheeks look so sweet that you can't help but call him sweet cheeks.

Sweet Pea - You think he's sweet and sweet and who knows, maybe he likes peas.

Soldier: As a Marine, ideal for active or retired soldiers.

Studley: similar to stud or bagel stud.

Sugar Daddy: He's cute and he cares about you.

Sugar Plum - sweet and sugary.

Strudelmann: It's like a strudel with lots of sweet layers.

Sweetie: You think it's totally cute.

Cute things because he's always cute.

Sugar Puff: Need we say more?

Sweetthang: Slang for a sweet or sweet thing.

Awesome Stallion - He's your stallion and he's awesome for you, so tell him.

Sexy Devil: because he's sexy and devilish.

Sunshine - brought sunshine into your life.

Sweetums: similar to Sweetheart, Sweettypie, etc.

Sweet Lips: Your kisses are sweet.

Sexy Face - That says it all.

Spunky, well, because he's spunky.

Sugar Britches - simply exudes sweetness.

Sugar Smacks - Yes, it looks like cereal, but when he kisses you, all you taste is sugar.

Sunbeam: Bring sunshine into your everyday life.


Teddy bear: cute and cuddly.

Tiger - strong and sharp, graceful and graceful when moving like a cat.

Honey: He's your honey, so don't let him forget you.

Toots: similar to a baby, sugar or honey.

Tesoro - Italian when translated as Darling.


Velvet Lips: When you kiss, her lips are like velvet.

Viking: is really strong.

Valentine: He has your heart every day.


Wookiee: straight out of Star Wars.

Wuggle Bear - For the big guy who likes to move.

Wuggles: For the man who likes to combine hugging, caressing and rocking.

White Knight: is your white knight.

Wolverine: He is tenacious and will always fight for you.


Yummy Bear - When you look at it, it's delicious.


Zeus - A god who can really boost your self-esteem.

Zorro: a tall, dark and mysterious man.

Zany: He has a weird sense of humor, but you get the idea.

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