How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery? (8 Easy Way Experts) (2023)

How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery? (8 Easy Way Experts) (1)The TPMS sensor is one of the smallest but most important parts of your vehicle. TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor, Installed in Tires. It measures tire pressure and sends the information to the on-board computer, also known as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Using high frequency technology, it sends the information to the control unit.

This is important. The ECU receives the signals and makes the necessary and associated adjustments. If there is no signal, the ECU will not be able to make any adjustments if necessary. Malfunctions or even accidents may occur.

So you need to replace the battery when it runs out. But before you do that, you should know that the battery is dead. On the right?


  • 1 How do I know if the TPMS sensor battery is dead?
  • 2 How to reset the TPMS sensor?
  • 3 How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery?
  • 4 Step 1 - Sensor Delivery
  • 5 Step 2: Access to the inside of the TPMS sensor
  • 6 Step 3: Battery Access
  • 7 Step 4 - Desoldering the battery
  • 8 Step 5 - Solder the new battery
  • 9 Step 6: Applying the Glue
  • 10 Step 7: Putting the sensor in place
  • 11 Step 8 – Repeat
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  • 13 Is it necessary to replace the TPMS battery?
  • 14. How to keep the TPMS battery working for a long time?
  • 15 Answer to a frequently asked question
  • 16 Final Verdict

How can I tell if the TPMS sensor battery is dead?

TPMS continuously sends a signal to the ECU after a certain interval. When it stops sending some signals continuously, the ECU will notice. After losing a few more transmissions, the ECU sends a signal that there is a problem with the TPMS. Usually the ECU will illuminate and the TPMS icon will flash to alert you that there is a problem with the TPMS.

However, the flashing of the TPMS icon does not mean that the battery is dead. There may be other problems with the TPMS. However, in most cases this means that you will need to replace your TPMS or the battery.

However, since this can be caused by other issues, try resetting the sensor before deciding to replace the battery.

How do I reset the TPMS sensor?

Resetting the TPMS sensor is really easy. All you need to know is the location of the TPMS reset button. The button is usually located under the steering wheel. Check there. In some cases the position is different. Consult your vehicle manual to locate the TPMS reset button.

Once you find the reset button, follow the steps below:

  1. Leave the key in the ignition switch. This turns on the battery.
  2. Press and hold the reset button until the TPMS light/icon flashes. Usually it takes 3-4 seconds. When you see it flash, release the button.
  3. Start the vehicle.
  4. Drive your vehicle at slightly above moderate speeds for 20 to 25 minutes.
  5. Turn off the ignition.

This will reset your vehicle's TPMS. Then restart the vehicle after a few minutes. If you still see the icon flashing, it means that the issue is still not resolved and you may have a problem with the TPMS battery.

In this case, you will need to replace the TPMS battery.

How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery?

How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery? (8 Easy Way Experts) (2)The TPMS sensor is a small part of the vehicle system, the battery is smaller. But this little part is not so easy to replace. Replacing a TPMS sensor's battery requires some skill, as well as a good knowledge of vehicles and electronics. With skills, you need to have patience, enough time, soldering skills, etc.

If you have the skills and the time and are willing to do this, you will need to organize some basic things like:

  • Batteries for your TPMS
  • welding guides
  • Two-component epoxy like PlastBond, etc.
  • Tire removal tools

When everything is in place, you can start the task.

But STOP! Do you really want to do this yourself? This is a risky task and can destroy the TPMS.

No problem!! Ok, let's continue then.

Step 1 - Sensor Delivery

The first step is to remove the wheel sensor and get your hands on it.

To do this, you must first get rid of the tire. Therefore, raise the car to a certain height and remove the tire. Unscrew the valve stem to release the air inside. Then completely remove the tire from the wheel. This can be done in several ways. If you've done this before, you obviously know how to do it. If this is your first time doing this, consult the forms on the Internet and use the one that seems most convenient for you.

After removing the tire, check the back of the valve stem. You will find the TPMS sensor attached with a screw. Unscrew it and take it out. The first step is done right.

Step 2 - Gain access to the inside of the TPMS sensor

Once you get your hands on the sensor, you'll see that it's just a small device. The battery is there. Therefore, you will have to access the interior to remove the discharged battery.

To do this, turn it over and look at the back. The back is actually a plastic cover that you need to remove. To do this, use a screwdriver or something similar that allows you to loosen it.

Above:Be very careful when doing this. Don't apply too much pressure as too much pressure can break it.

Step 3 – Access the Battery

Removing the back cover does not mean you have access to the battery. To reach the battery there is still a white paste barrier.

The TPMS sensor has two sides: the battery side and the electronics side. You need to remove the white paste from the side of the battery.

You can easily do this with the help of a screwdriver. But be sure to do this carefully. Don't break the electronics.

Step 4- Desolder the battery

Use your skill to check the connections. Find out the battery connections. Unsolder it carefully. There is a soldering aid on the back. Remove them as well to completely remove the battery.

Above:You can remove the electrical part before you start desoldering. This allows you to work more comfortably and concentrate less.

Step 5- Solder the new battery

Once the old battery is removed, it's time to put in the new battery. Snap it into place and start soldering.

Do this part very carefully. A fault could be the reason for the short here.

After soldering the new ones, double check the connections to make sure they are correct and tight. To check the voltage, you can use a multimeter.

Above:Before welding, compare the new battery with the old one and verify that both have a similar voltage. Otherwise, replace it with another battery of similar voltage to the one above.

Step 6 – Applying the Glue

After soldering, it's time to use the glue to fill the interior. To do this, first put some glue on it. Then put the electronics and battery inside. Then apply glue again as the last layer.

After getting enough glue in place, insert the back cover and apply enough pressure to snap it back into place.

The main thing is done. You have successfully replaced the TPMS battery.

Step 7 - Put the sensor in place

Hold the TPMS sensor with a screwdriver. Then put the tire back in place and inflate it properly.

Step 8 - Repeat

Repeat the same process for the other tires as well.

How to replace the TPMS sensor battery. However, after reading about the process, you may think that it is an easy task. But it is not at all. You must have extensive knowledge of vehicle circuits and DIY. Otherwise, there is a chance of messing things up.

This is the process I follow. But I would recommend going to a mechanic or specialist to have it done. It won't cost you much. But if you mess up, you may have to spend a lot of money to fix the problem. So think again before you do this yourself.

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How much does it cost to replace the TPMS battery?

There is no direct answer to this question as it depends on where you change the battery, the make and model of your vehicle and a few other questions.

Replacing the TPMS battery can cost between $50 and $120 if you go to a local auto repair shop. Includes price of batteries and service charge. The cost will be higher if you go to a place with a good reputation and large garages.

On the other hand, doing it yourself in your own garage will cost you the price of batteries, stickers, and a lot of time and focus.

Is it necessary to replace the TPMS battery?

TPMS may be a small part, but it's a major contributor to your vehicle's safety that you can't ignore.

If the TPMS signal is lost, you won't understand it, even if your vehicle is driven on under-inflated or over-inflated tires. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can cause situations such as flat tires or more dangerous problems.

Therefore, avoiding such a situation can ruin your good mood and put you in a dangerous situation. That's why it's important to get the job done. Otherwise, you will have to spend more to fix tires and other problems.

How to keep the TPMS battery working for a long time?

How do I replace the TPMS sensor battery? (8 Easy Way Experts) (3)There aren't many things you can do to keep your TPMS battery running for a long time. Measuring tire pressure and sending signals is an ongoing process. You do not have direct control over the process.

So there is only a limited amount you can do to extend the life of your TPMS sensor battery. Let's see what they are.

  • Steady driving is a good thing to do to save your TPMS sensor some battery life. The sensors send messages to the controller when the speed is changed. So if you continue at a constant speed, you'll need to stream often. This saves the battery a bit.
  • The start and stop direction is another thing to avoid if you want your TPMS batteries to last a long time. For a similar reason as mentioned above, the battery drains faster when you start and stop driving.
  • Time plays an important role in battery life. Hot weather drains the battery quickly, while cold weather is relatively mild. So try to keep your vehicle in a relatively cool place. This reduces the pressure on the battery a bit.

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Answer to a frequently asked question

There is a common question and confusion about the TPMS sensor and its battery. Since we are talking about the TPMS battery, let's try to find an answer to this question.

The question is -Is it absolutely necessary to replace the TPMS sensor when changing tires?

If you ask my direct opinion, I would say yes. If you have the range, replacing the battery will require you to replace the sensors.

But all is not so simple. So let's dig a little deeper.

TPMS sensors and batteries are designed to last as long as the tires last. Usually, the duration is about 5 to 10 years. However, you may need to replace them first.

So if you're changing your tires because they're worn, chances are your TPMS sensors are nearing the end of their useful life as well. So you can also replace the sensors if you want. If not, it may be necessary to go to the mechanic again after a few days to change the sensors.

That's why I answered in the affirmative to be on the safe side.

However, this is a safe answer if you replace all four sensors. If you only replace one or two, it will take a while for the new sensors to adapt to the old sensors.

The customization process for new makes and models is simple and fast. However, on older vehicles, this process is somewhat complex and time consuming, and you will need to be involved in the process yourself. You cannot avoid it as it is necessary for the TPMS to work properly.

If you want to avoid this, you have to replace all 4 sensors.

So the bottom line: when changing tires, if possible, also change all 4 TPMS sensors. Avoid replacing just one or two sensors if your vehicle is an older make and model. However, if the sensors are comparatively newer than the tires, there is no need to change them.

I hope you got the answer right.

final verdict

I think now you know when, why and how to replace the TPMS sensor battery. I will suggest the help of an expert as it requires skill, patience and attention. but if you thinkYou can do it by yourself, attempt. Just make sure that you are extremely careful throughout the entire process.

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