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While you can technically change your car's oil at home, it's best left to professionals. One of the best places to visit is Jiffy Lube. You're probably wondering: how much does a Jiffy Lube oil change cost?

There are four types of oil changes that Jiffy Lube offers its customers. The costs of these oil changes are as follows:

  • Conventional Oil: $29.99
  • Synthetic Blend: $59.99
  • High mileage oil: $59.99
  • Fully synthetic oil: $74.99

The cost of a Jiffy Lube oil change depends on several factors such as: B. the specific location where the service is performed. It also depends on the type of oil used.

Read on to learn more about how much a Jiffy Lube oil change costs and some tips on how Jiffy Lube can save you money.

How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy Lube?

How much is an oil change at Jiffy Lube [cost of service] • Road Sumo (1)

On average, an oil change at Jiffy Lube costs between $29.99 and $75.99. This is a reasonable price, especially given the type of service you can expect and the prices of its competitors.

Keep in mind, however, that a number of factors can affect the specific cost of a Jiffy Lube oil change. For example, it may change depending on the location of the service center and the type of vehicle. However, the type of motor oil has the biggest impact on the price, as we will see below:

1. Conventional oil

Common on older models

If you are looking for good protection, performance, and slime prevention, traditional oil is the way to go. It is not as advanced and powerful as other types of oil, but it is sufficient for most vehicles. This is particularly common on older models or underpowered engines.

Best suited for idle vehicles in harsh environments

Jiffy Lube recommends regular oil unless you are using your vehicle in harsh environments, such as rough terrain or muddy roads. It's also best for those who aren't willing to haul or tow.


The cost to change from conventional oil to Jiffy Lube varies by brand. You can pay at least $29.99 for a product like Formula Shell Oil. In the meantime, if you want a fancier alternative, be prepared to shell out around $49.99 for a product like Pennzoil.

2. Synthetic Blend Oil

Best for vehicles in extreme temperatures

Compared to conventional oils, a synthetic blend oil offers better protection, performance, cleanliness and fuel economy. Jiffy Lube recommends this type of oil if you live in places with extreme temperatures. You can optimize engine performance even in the most difficult conditions.

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On average, a Jiffy Lube synthetic blend oil change costs $59.99. Pennzoil Synthetic is one of the company's most widely used brands. The latter offers up to 10% more piston cleaning performance compared to what you will find in its competitors.

3. High mileage oil

For vehicles with high mileage

This is the best choice for oil if you have a high mileage vehicle. Meets the unique needs of an engine that has been stressed during use. Reduces oil consumption and emissions from older engines, ensuring your car performs at its best.


At Jiffy Lube, you can expect to pay $59.99 for high mileage oil, similar to the cost of synthetic blend oil. There are several brands available, but one of the most popular is Pennzoil. The latter is known to restore compression, which often suffers as the engine ages.

4. Fully synthetic oil

Recommended for most modern vehicles.

If you only want the best, you should use a fully synthetic oil. This is highly recommended for most modern high-end vehicles. Furthermore, it is better in terms of:

  • Schutz
  • performance
  • Mileage
  • cleaning capacity


The average cost of a full synthetic oil change at Jiffy Lube is $74.99. One of the most commonly used brands is Pennzoil Platinum. They also offer Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, which will set you back up to $109.99. It is expensive, but the cost is reasonable given the many benefits.

Jiffy Lube Service Price List [Complete]

What is included in a Jiffy lubricating oil change?

How much is an oil change at Jiffy Lube [cost of service] • Road Sumo (2)

In addition to the company's reputation, an oil change at Jiffy Lube is worth every dollar because of the services included. You can enjoy various extras that will keep you coming back every time you need a different car service.

In most cases, a Jiffy Lube oil change service will include the following:

  • High quality 5 liter engine oil change depending on engine compatibility
  • change oil filter
  • Inspection of major components, including engine air filtration system, wiper blades, coolant reservoir, exterior lights, serpentine belts, and chassis
  • Checking and adding tire pressure, battery water, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid
  • Clean exterior windows and vacuum interior floors.

How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy Lube? Jiffy Lube offers four different types of oil changes viz. h conventional oil ($29.99), synthetic blend ($59.99), high mileage oil ($59.99), and full synthetic oil ($74.99).

How Jiffy Lube Oil prices are changing compared to other companies

Now that we've talked about how much an oil change costs in the Jiffy Lube, let's also take a quick look at how it stacks up against the competition:

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1. Walmart

Walmart isn't just for shopping. Anyone who lives in the US knows that they also have fantastic vehicle service, including oil changes. The Auto Care Center has more than 2,500 locations across the country. It is also one of the most popular repair centers in the region.

Here's a look at their prices:

Pit crew oil change

At about $19.18 this isdo walmartcheaper oil change service In addition to a five-liter oil, it also includes a battery check, tire pressure check, and chassis lubrication. The company uses Quaker State Advanced Durability motor oil for this service.

Standard oil change

If your engine requires conventional oil, this service is for you. On average, it will cost you $29.98.

High mileage oil change

For high mileage vehicles over 75,000 miles, this service costs approximately $39.98.

Oil change power and performance

Optimize your vehicle's performance with this complete oil change service for $49.98. Along with top-notch service, expect Walmart to use only the highest quality fully synthetic oil.

2. valves

As one of the most popular motor oil manufacturers, Valvoline is another trusted name when it comes to changing your oil. They have more than 1,400 express centers throughout the country.

Valvoline Oil Change is popular for its in-car service. This means that you do not have to leave the vehicle as the staff takes care of the service. It only takes about 15 minutes to perform the service.

It is also not necessary to make an appointment. Also, they have an 18-point security checklist. This is the average cost of avalvoline oil change:

immediate oil change

Cost starts at $39.99. It is an essential service using conventional Valvoline Daily Protection oil.

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synthetic oil change

The company will use Synpower synthetic oil for this service, which costs an average of $46.99.

High mileage oil change

On average, this service costs $89.99. They will use MaxLife High Mileage Oil, which is formulated specifically for vehicles that pass the 75,000 mile mark.

3. flint

When you go to Firestone for your oil change service, you'll enjoy many advantages that are worth every dollar of the cost. Every oil change comes with a free 19-point inspection to ensure various parts of your car are in top condition. Your trained staff will verify the following:

  • oil filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Battery
  • liquids
  • Rush

Firestone is known for its affordable oil change service. Here's a quick look at current prices:

Standard oil change

You can take advantage of this service with a coupon for just $24.99. This is the most basic oil change using the cheapest oil available at the service center.

full synthetic oil

On average, this can cost as much as $49.99. However, it can be cheaper if you have a voucher. Visit their website and you will find a coupon for up to $15 off.

Why isn't an oil change available at AutoZone, Costco, Discount Tire and Sam's Club?

How to Save Money on Jiffy Lubricating Oil Changes

How much is an oil change at Jiffy Lube [cost of service] • Road Sumo (3)

While the cost of a Jiffy Lube oil change is reasonable, there are a few things you can do to save money:

1. Get a coupon

The best way to save on an oil change is with a voucher. Visit the Jiffy Lube website and click on theView Coupon Guide. The amount you can get varies. While writing this article, we found a $10 coupon.

You can email the coupon code or print it out and present it on your next visit. However, please note that the discount only applies to certain agencies. Also, don't forget to check when it expires.

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2. Check with different branches

The price of a Jiffy Lube oil change depends on many factors, and one of them is location. It is more expensive in big cities and crowded places. If you want to save money, look for a branch away from the central areas.

Fortunately, the site has a functional search bar feature. Enter your zip code, city or state and you'll be presented with a list of locations near you. You can see their contact details so you can call ahead of your visit for pricing.

3. Consider cheaper brands

If you want an oil change to be cheaper, be open to the idea of ​​using oils from less popular brands. Ask the Jiffy Lube staff about your options. Don't forget to order one that exactly fits your budget. Because if it's of lower quality, the company probably won't offer it to its customers.

What is Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube is one of the most popular automotive preventative maintenance services in the United States. It has more than 2,000 branches throughout the country. With more than 35 years of existence, the company serves more than 20 million customers a year.

The company has highly qualified technicians with extensive training and experience. They also use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products like motor oils. In addition to oil change, they also offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Maintenance and diagnosis of the engine.
  • Inspection and change of brakes
  • Vehicle measurement and suspension service
  • Rotation, mounting and replacement of tires

Bottom Line – How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Jiffy Lube?

The cost of an oil change at Jiffy Lube is as follows, depending on the type of oil purchased:

  • Conventional Oil: $29.99
  • Synthetic Blend: $59.99
  • High mileage oil: $59.99
  • Fully synthetic oil: $74.99

Jiffy Lube is one of the best places to change your oil. They have decades of experience and a roster of highly qualified employees. Best of all, they are reasonably priced, although prices depend on a number of factors such as: B. the type of oil.

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Whats the most you should pay for an oil change? ›

Typically, an oil and filter change using conventional oil will cost between $35 and $75, depending on your area. If your car requires synthetic oil, you should expect to pay more (anywhere from $65 to $125) but you make up some of the cost, since synthetic oil lasts longer and has to be changed less frequently.

What is the cheapest oil for oil change? ›

Conventional oil is cheaper, averaging around $70 for an oil change. Synthetic oil is a little more expensive. The price difference between conventional and synthetic oil is about $30. If your only concern is saving money, a traditional oil change makes sense.

What is the labor cost of an oil change? ›

The average cost for oil change is between $129 and $143. Labor costs are estimated between $41 and $52 while parts are priced between $88 and $91. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

What does a full service oil change consist of? ›

What Is Included in a Full-Service Oil Change? When you get a full-service change, an auto technician will change your car's motor oil with the type that it needs, which could be conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, or high-mileage oil. You'll also have your used oil and oil filter replaced and recycled.

How much should an oil change cost 2022? ›

Conventional typically costs the least, while full synthetic is the priciest. As of May 2022, the average cost of an oil change based on six nationwide franchises is $31.66 for the most basic service with no extra quarts, and $75.32 for top service with no extra quarts.

Is synthetic oil better than real oil? ›

Is synthetic oil better for my engine than conventional oil? Yes, synthetic oil is better for your engine than conventional oil. Although conventional oil (i.e., mineral oil) can provide adequate lubrication performance, it can't compete with the overall engine performance and protection provided by synthetics.

Is Walmart good for oil change? ›

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable place to get your oil changed, Walmart is a perfect place. Walmart auto centers are some of the best and cheapest outlets for anything car related. In addition to the oil change services, they will check your tire pressure and battery fill at no additional cost.

How can I save money on an oil change? ›

4 Ways To Spend Less On Oil Changes
  1. Take Advantage Of Oil Change Deals. This is perhaps the most obvious way to save money on oil changes. ...
  2. Take Care Of Oil Changes Yourself. Are you reluctant to pay for labor for a simple job like an oil change? ...
  3. Upgrade To A Lifetime Reusable Oil Filter. ...
  4. Use Synthetic Oil If You Can.

Is full synthetic oil cheaper? ›

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil but offers superior protection for your car's engine.

How long does synthetic oil last? ›

If you own a car that runs on synthetic oil, you're probably wondering, “How often do you change synthetic oil?” Depending on the type of car you have, most synthetic oils last between 7,500 miles and 15,000 miles. However, you'll need to check your owner's manual for more specific figures.

Is it cheaper to bring your own oil for an oil change? ›

So, is it cheaper to change your own oil? By doing this task yourself, you'll save between $25 and $75 per oil change, depending on the type of oil and filter you use.

Is there a difference between synthetic blend and full synthetic oil? ›

Synthetic blend oil is different because it uses a mixture of synthetic and conventional based oils. Synthetic blend oil offers less protection than full synthetic oil and needs to be changed more often.

Does a full service include oil filter? ›

Full services will always involve the replacement of engine oil and the engine oil filter. Mechanics will also replace the air filter. Other direct changes include checking and topping up coolant and advising on the potential replacement of spark plugs.

Do they fill your tires during oil change? ›

The mechanic then checks your tires' pressure and adds some air to bring them back up to your manufacturer's recommended PSI.

How many miles can you go without an oil change after its due? ›

Cars can generally go 5,000 to 7,500 miles before needing an oil change. Furthermore, if your vehicle uses synthetic oil, you can drive 10,000 or even 15,000 miles between oil changes. Continue reading to learn more about oil changes or skip to scheduling your oil change right here on our website.

How often does a car really need an oil change? ›

On average, vehicles are estimated to need an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months. This can vary based on your driving habits, your driving frequency, the age of your vehicle, and the quality of the oil you use.

Is synthetic oil change every 5000 miles? ›

Synthetic blends and fully synthetic varieties can last 5,000 miles and up to 10,000 miles between oil changes. High-compression engines, auto start and stop technology, turbocharging, and more have put increasing demands on oil and lubricant technology.

How often should you change full synthetic oil? ›

Unlike regular car oil, synthetic oil is more refined which can lower friction, reduce engine sludge, and increase engine performance. It's recommended that you change synthetic oil every 7,500 – 15,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and the brand of synthetic oil used.

What happens if you put synthetic oil instead of full synthetic? ›

Synthetic oils typically provide better protection than conventional oils, but switching back and forth between full synthetic and conventional oil will not damage the engine. Of course, this depends on the current engine condition and the quality of the conventional oil being used.

What is the disadvantage of synthetic oil? ›

A few disadvantages of synthetic oil to be aware of include: Probably the most glaring downside of synthetic oil is the cost. The price of synthetic oil is around two to four times the price of conventional oil. Synthetics may be more prone to additives precipitation during cold storage conditions.

When should you not use synthetic oil? ›

This being said, however, it is still not recommended to use synthetic oil in engines that have experienced significant actions – specifically, those that have reached around 75,000 miles on the odometer.

Are expensive oil changes worth it? ›

In other words, findings suggest an expensive oil may not provide any additional benefit to the helping an engine last longer, despite additives. “When you look at the chemical breakdown of each of these oils, there's very, very little difference between them.

Is $100 normal for an oil change? ›

The cost of an oil change can range from $20 to $100 at a lube shop (and around $30 to $45 if you do it yourself).

Why is oil change so expensive? ›

There are valid reasons for this big span, mainly relating to your choice of oil. Conventional oil (made from fossil fuel) is the least expensive option. A blend of conventional and synthetic bases is the next step up. The most expensive oil is fully synthetic (especially used in luxury cars).

Is it customary to tip for an oil change? ›

The Short Answer. It isn't customary to tip for an oil change and the mechanic won't be expecting you to offer one. Mechanics generally earn a fairly respectable wage, albeit slightly under the US average according to our research.


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