The 25 Greatest Actors of All Time (2023)

From old Hollywood to millennials, here's a tribute to the greatest actors who have stood the test of time and cemented a place in film history.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an actor as "someone who pretends to be another person while acting in a play, television or radio program". Bringing a screenwriter's vision to life is no easy task. It takes an incredible amount of experience to inhabit a character. Acting as an art form has evolved over the years. We have entered the era of naturalistic performance of poetic performance. There were different schools of thought on the same thing. Stanislavski's system proposes the acting method while theMeisner techniquefocuses on "being in the moment". Regardless of the methodology, we're still fascinated by film actors and what they're capable of in front of the camera.

With that in mind, we've decided to rank some of the greatest male actors of our time, in no particular order. This is now entirely my personal list, which may or may not agree with yours. But that is the purpose of such pieces. They serve as conversation starters so the exchange of ideas can be organic. So without further ado, let's jump in.

The best actors of all time

1. Jean Gabin

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Jean Gabin was a well-known star of early French cinema. Gabinsrobust appearanceYou could be compared to Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney. But he was the king of "movie cool" even before the rise of these Hollywood stars. Born into a family of artists, Gabin came to film through roles on stage. By the mid-1930s he had become the idol of the French matinee,Cooperation with the best filmmakersof his time, including Jean Renoir and Marcel Carne.

Gabin's performance as the tragic working-class hero in RenoirDear Man(1938) and as a worker lieutenant inthe great illusion(1937) brought him international recognition. During the Nazi military occupation of France, Gabin moved to Hollywood. But in America he was often at odds with studio bosses, and his films were box office flops. In the 1950s Gabin returned to France. Of course, he could no longer play the working-class romantic hero.

However, Gabin made a strong comeback with Becker's gangster flick.Don't touch Au Grisbi. This revived his career somewhat as he continued to play roles of world-weary cops and mafia bosses.

2. Carlos Laughton

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Charles Laughton is one of the strangest actors in film history. Laughton's overweight physique, including his round, plump face, did not fit with notions of a star's physical attractiveness. However, the extremely talented Laughton played a variety of roles in which he was subtly expressive and extremely dramatic.

Laughton was born into a wealthy English family. He became a stage actor in the 1920s but soon saw great opportunities in film acting, particularly with the advent of talkies. Oscar-winning performance in the title role in the 1933 film.In the private life of Henry VIIIincreased his fame. played laterSomehowSheThe Hunchback of Notre Dame. It made him a serious actor of the first rank. But while his performances were brilliant, his films of the 1940s were not highly acclaimed.

The English actor made a big comeback in the 1950s, playing cynical and unlikable characters in his usual Expressionist flair.Hobson's choicemiwitness for the prosecutionfeatured some of his most memorable roles. Although Laughton has only directed one film in his career,hunter night(1955) is one of the greatest American films of all time.

3. Laurence Olivier

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A master perfectionist, Laurence Olivier, along with Richardson and Gielgud, formed a highly influential triumvirate that revolutionized British theatre. Olivier crossed over into theater and became a household name, playing some of literature's most famous lovers — a swooning actor.DarcyShepride and prejudiceand charismaticWinter maxSheRebeca.

A highly energetic actor, Lawrence's key to performance was his ability to maintain a physical attribute, such as a specific piece of clothing. She used to rehearse her lines and had tremendous control over her voice thanks to her formal training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. It was evident that he put his heart and soul into every role he played. Who could forget his battle cry for arms or Saint Crispin's impeccable speechHeinrich V? This dramatic performance earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

One of Hollywood's greatest actors, Olivier Lawrence received an honorary Oscar in 1978 for his outstanding work. The National Theater's largest auditorium was later named in his honor, in memory of his outstanding contribution to the theater.

4. James Stewart

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James Stewart is an example of an idealistic common man. Marlon Brando, De Niro, Al Pacino, Daniel Day-Lewis are undoubtedly more talented than James Stewart. But while his characters seem simple, Stewart brings incredible depth to them in his own way. Additionally, his work ethic is second to none and no other actor of his time has appeared in so many great films. Stewart's collaborations with Hitchcock, Capra, John Ford and Anthony Mann have given us many masterpieces.

Stewart's roles in the postwar period and into the 1950s became considerably complex. He was an irresistibly charming everyman in the Capra neighborhood.Herr smithmiIt's a beautiful life. He's undeniably sensational in the final moments of both films. However, his roles in Hitchcock's workdizziness, make premierAnatomy of a Murder, a manWinchester '73They had a harder edge and were relatively darker. In fact, those roles were completely at odds with the innocent on-screen image he'd cultivated for decades.

5. Alec Guiness

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Legendary British actor Alec Guinness was best known for actingObi Wan Kenobiin the original Star Wars trilogy. But this renowned artist made his stage debut at the age of 20 in 1934. He played various Shakespearean roles in plays such asHamlet, Merchant of Venice, miRomeo and Juliet.In 1939 Alec Guinness adapted Charles Dickens' bookHigh expectationsHe took the stage and played the role of the energetic young man,Herbert bag.

After serving as a deckhand in the Royal Navy during World War II, Guinness made his film debut in David Lean's adaptation ofHigh expectationsresuming the role ofHerbert bag. Guinness was then associated with the famous Ealing Studios. His comedic talents led him to star in studio films such asGood hearts and crowns(1949),The Lavender Hill crowd(1951), jlike lady killers(1955). He gained international acclaim after playing the hard-edged British colonel in David Lean's epic World War II drama.Nach Bridge on the River Kwai(1957).

In the 1960s and 1970s, the actor worked in British and Hollywood films, working with stars such as Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Sophia Loren and Richard Burton. At the end of his career besides playingObi Wan Kenobi, Guinness received critical acclaim for the reproductionsmiling Georgein the spy series based on the novels by John le Carre.

6. Toshiro Mifune

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It is common knowledge that Mifune became an actor by accident. In war-torn Japan, Mifune was one of many desperate young men looking for work. He applied to Toho Studios as a camera assistant. But his handsome features and muscular physique led him to become an actor.

It's hard to imagine Akira Kurosawa's masterpieces without the impressive presence of Toshiro Mifune. Between 1948 and 1965, Mifune worked with Kurosawa on 16 films. And the great Japanese filmmaker fully understood Mifune's wide range of expressive skills. Mifune can be largely associated with samurai charactersjidaigeki(Historical film) subgenre films.

His acting style is also widely referred to as "intense" and sometimes dismissed as "over the top". However, Mifune was more versatile, playing many "ordinary" characters suffused with great subtle moments. by kurosawaroot Bartmiup and down, KobayashiSamurai-Rebellion, Keisuke Kinoshitaengagement ringThey are a testament to his keen acting ability.

7. Marcelo Mastroianni

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Although widely classified as a morning idol and sex symbolthanks to the charming roles he played in Fellini's filmsThe gentleman. Mastroianni is an extraordinarily nuanced and serious actor. Marcello Mastroioanni grew up in the turbulent times of World War II. After the end of the war he joined dramatic society and was discovered by the renowned Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti.

Mastroianni's brilliant screen presence is well known. But he's more than just a pretty face. His ability to infuse deep, genuine human emotion into his characters is second to none. In fact, the actor has become the perfect embodiment of a modern man in an existential crisis. Mastroianni also has a great talent for comic timing.

His collaboration with Fellini, Antonioni (The night) and Visconti (the white nights) could have made him an international star. At the same time, Mastroianni's remarkable achievements continued well into the 1960s.The organizer, a special day, miDark eyesare some of his forgotten works.

8.Marlon Brando

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With an illustrious career spanning five decades, to call Marlon Brando a great actor would be an understatement. He is one of the most influential actors of the 20th century. Brando was the most famous student of Stella Adler, from whom he learned thistechnical performance methodsuggested by Stanislavski.

He was one of the few actors to use The Method in 1950s Hollywood - the beginning of the studio system's decline. Thus, in the early years of his career, Brando had great freedom to choose and interpret different roles. Although the recognition he won forEnd station longing, where he played a factory salesman is well known, check out other eclectic roles he played during this period.A paraplegic in The Men (1950). A Mexican Revolutionary in Viva Zapata! (1952). Marco Antônio in Júlio César (1953), a disgruntled motorcyclist in The Savage (1953).He even did a musical with Frank Sinatra.(Children and Dolls, 1955).

Brando received his first Oscar for his performance asTerry MalloySheam More. Ö "Could have been a contenderThe scene in this film is one of the most famous in all of film history. He won his second Oscar for his role asVito Corleonethis is CoppolaThe Godfather. The credit Brando received for itGodfather and on the promenadeIt is so big that we often forget some of its important functions. For example, his brilliant performances inBurn! (1969), Last Tango in Paris (1972),miMeasures Break (1976)

Marlon was also an activist fighting against the mistreatment of Native Americans. He refused to accept his second Oscar, citing his portrayal of Native Americans in a bad light. His deep involvement in the civil rights movement earned him a spot near the podium during Martin Luther King's infamous "I Have a Dream" speech.

9. Sidney Poitier

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Sidney Poitier, the groundbreaking African American actor, changed the way Hollywood viewed black actors. Still on the 21stcall upBy the end of the 20th century, the multi-billion dollar industry was struggling with a lack of diversity. The civil rights era of the late 1950s and 1960s was simply a more tumultuous period in American political and cultural history. Black actors in leading roles were rare in those days. When Sidney Poitier made his screen debut in 1950, there were few like Paul Robeson and Harry Belafonte. But it was the graceful and powerful Poitier who shaped himself into the first African American morning idol.

The challenges Poitier faced were varied as he navigated racial inequality. He played mostly supporting roles in the 1950s, but resigned his role in 1961a raisin in the suninspired several black actors. It was an adaptation of a legendary play, and Poitier's amazing performance shook Hollywood's many racial stereotypes. followed byfield lilies(1963), which earned him his first Oscar. During the same decade, the actor made two critically and commercially successful films:In the Heat of the NightmiGuess who's coming to dinner.In a career spanning four decades, Poitier has made massive changes both on and off the screen.

10. Paul Newmann

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One of the hottest, coolest movie stars of all time, Paul Newman had a career that spanned five decades. The handsome, blue-eyed actor played small roles on television in the early and mid-1950s, his first major role being in Richard Brooks.Cat on a hot tin roof(1958). The role of the filthy alcoholic earned Newman the first of his 10 Oscar nominations. In Hollywood, the 1950s were the era of rebellious youth. Although Newman served in these roles, he initially struggled to find a place in the industry. I missed the main rolesam More(1954) miis from Eden(1955) for Marlon Brando and James Dean respectively.

However, in the early 1960s with films likethe cheater(1961) mihud(1963) Newman gradually rose to stardom. His two iconic performances came later in the decade.: Luke's cold hand(1967) miButch Cassidy und Sundance Kid(1969). Paul Newman never trusted his looks. And so it was able to reinvent itself in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond.Tapas(1977),the judgment(1982),the color of money(1986), jnobody is stupid(1994) are a testament to the actor's versatility and dedication to his craft.

11. Tatsuya Nakadai

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Mifune gained international fame thanks to the recognition of Kurosawa's works in western countries. But there was another equally brilliant Japanese actor at the same time who was just as versatile or flexible as Mifune. His name was Tatsuya Nakadai. Nakadai is a highly disciplined craftsman who hails from the world of theater. The actor appeared in Kurosawa's film for a few samurai. He later played the main antagonist in Kurosawa's series.Jojimbo, and also central roles in Kurosawa's work.Kagemushamiran.

But Nakadai's acting career was shaped by the films of humanist filmmaker Masaki Kobayashi. His depiction of wounded in thehuman conditionThe trilogy and hara-kiri said a lot to the Japanese youth of the post-war period. Both films offered a portrait of an individual devalued by oppressive society. Like Mifune, Nakadai alternated between naturalistic and stylized acting. In addition to Kurosawa and Kobayashi, Nakadai has also worked with renowned Japanese filmmakers such as Mikio Naruse and Kihachi Okamoto. Your anti-hero character in Okamoto'sSword of Doomis one of the darker representations of a samurai on screen.

12. Gian Maria Volonté

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Known for his angular features and strong political activism, Volonte became a prominent Italian actor in the 1960s. International audiences may recognize him for the popular roles he played in Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns. But to understand the true brilliance of Volonte's acting skills, one has to look at his collaborations with two of Italy's leading filmmakers, Francesco Rosi and Elio Petri. PetrisCitizen inquiry above suspicionand pinkChrist stopped at EboliThey are a testament to his endlessly adaptable acting skills.

In Petri's films, Volonte played complex, neurotic characters who didn't quite fit the label of hero or villain. With Rosi, Volonte worked on five films, in which he often played controversial real-life characters.

As a teenager, Volonte worked with a traveling theater company that convinced him to choose acting as a career. He was also a member of the Italian Communist Party and never kept his political leanings secret. In fact, it was his political beliefs that led to the great success of Italian political cinema in the 1970s.

13. Dustin Hoffmann

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In an incredible career spanning five decades, Dustin Hoffman has made versatility synonymous with his name. Surprisingly, he initially wanted to be a classical pianist, having played the instrument for much of his college years. Looking for an easy course, Dustin took an acting class at Santa Monica College. It was here that he began acting, which eventually led him to the Pasadena Playhouse. He stormed onto the stage with Mike Nichollsthe graduatewhere he was seen playing the roleBenjamin Braddock. It earned him his first Oscar nomination, but he narrowly lost to Rod Steiger. Hoffman followed with a biopic.Lennywhich told the story of a tragic comedian who died at the age of 40.

But his career-defining role was to come in 1976. Dustin appeared alongside the stalwart Olivier and Jon Schiedermarathon runner. It was reported that Dustin could not sleep for days prior to filming.

Three years later he delivered another strong performanceKramer against Kramer, which won him an Oscar for Best Actor. He would later expand on that record with a moving performance as the autistic but amazing brother of Tom Cruise's character inrainman.

14. Anthony Hopkins

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Anthony Hopkins, the oldest actor to win an acting Oscar, gave a moving performanceThe fatherlike an old man battling dementia. But his most memorable role came years earlier as the terrifying Hannibal LecterThe silence of the innocent.AFI ranked his performance number one on its "100 Years of Greatest Heroes and Villains" list.

Hopkins joined the Royal National Theater and it was there that he began his encounter with stage and screen. He was discovered in 1965 by Laurence Olivier, who insisted he join the Institute. He has since been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and even received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hopkins is said to have been heavily influenced by legendary actor Richard Burton.

Known for his down-to-earth charm, Hopkins knows how to play men with pent-up emotions. From the underrated thrillerMagic(1978) for the role of a faithful butlerRest of the Tagus(1993), and like the restlessPope Benedict XVIShethe two popes(2019), Hopkins brilliantly apprehends the silent torment of these downtrodden souls. And as mentioned above, just when we thought Hopkins had hit the twilight, he gave a career-best performance in Florian Zeller's film.The father(2020).

Anthony Hopkins is known for his preparation for the roles. He tends to go through the different lines until it feels natural to him. Filming Steven SpielbergAmistad, stunned the cast and crew by delivering a seven-page speech perfectly in one fell swoop.

15.Jack Nicholson

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Jack Nicholson has had a career scaring audiences with some of the darkest roles to date. He also has the rare distinction of earning an Oscar nomination in every decade from the 1960s to the early 2000s, but his road to success has been anything but meteoric. He made a living by guest-starring on television series and several B-grade films, the existential westerns of Mount Hellman and Dennis HopperLight Rider (1969)they were his first successful roles. Nicholson's career was finally picking up steamfive easy pieces(1970), where he played an angry young man with an identity crisis.

From troublemakers and deranged men to authority figures and mischievous villains, Nicholson left a legacy of great roles.

The role that defined his career asJack TorrenceIt originated in the 1980s with Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's work.the light.He also played another iconic villain.the piadistand Tim BurtonBatman. Some of his other well-received films have beenThe deceased, some good men, as good as possible,miAbout Smith.

In a bizarre turn of events, Jack grew up believing his grandmother was his mother and his mother June his sister all his life. He discovered the truth at age 37 when he read a Time article about his creation. Nicholson said it was quite a dramatic event but not too traumatic for him because he was mentally well trained.

16. Roberto de Niro

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Another frequent Martin Scorsese collaborator, Robert De Niro has won two Academy Awards over the course of his illustrious career. The first was for her role asCorleone's lifein the Coppola CrimesThe Godfather Part II1974. Six years later he won againToro furiosowhere he played the boxerjake lamotta. One of De Niro's greatest strengths was his ability to morph physically, vocally, and psychologically into the character he played.

No one has played the tough guy with as much flair and depth as De Niro. At the same time, he also played some soulful roles.the deer hunter(1978),the king of comedy(1982), jAwaken(1990) are some good examples. And one of De Niro's underrated acting qualities is his talent for comedic performances.night race(1988) features one of his finest comedic roles.

When asked why he chose physically demanding roles, De Niro, one of the greatest actors of all time, said:

Fully immerse yourself in another character and experience life through them without having to risk the real-life consequences; Well, it's a cheap way to do things you'd never dare to do.

It tells you everything you need to know about him.

Interestingly, an English girl group released a fan song called "Robert De Niro's Waiting..." which stayed on the charts for 12 weeks.

17. Al Pacino

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Al PacinoHe had one of the most prolific careers in Hollywood history. He is over 50 years old and one of the few actors to have received the Triple Crown of Acting: Academy, Emmy and Tony Awards in the acting category. He gained recognition and recognition with his breakout role asMichael Corleonethis is CoppolaThe Godfather. Butdog afternoon(1975), where he later collaborated with Sidney Lumet for the second timeserpisch(1973), remains one of his best achievements.

Despite almost being typecast as a gangster, Al Pacino actively sought out different roles. From the early 1970s through the last decade, he played a cop, petty criminal, crime boss, blind army veteran, football coach, and truth-seeking journalist. I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick up anything that looked like a gun and yelled, "Say hello to my little friend' while taking out some goons.

Today he runs his own studio called Chal Productions. The first two letters "Ch" are a tribute to his friend and acting mentor Charles Laughton, co-founder of the company.

18. Tom Hanks

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His friendly, friendly manner and penchant for playing mostly nice guys make Tom Hanksan an instant favorite among millennials and one of Hollywood's most popular actors. He made his breakthrough with leading roles in comedies such asChapoteo(1984) miLarge(1988). Both were commercial successes and became huge box office hits.

In 1994 he gifted us with his most iconic character in a career-defining film.Forrest Gump, which earned him his second Academy Award for Best Actor.

What has always fascinated me is the variety of characters this versatile actor played with relative ease. A beautiful romantic street inYou have mail, a gay lawyer fighting against discriminationPhiladelphia, a brave soldier inThere Soldier James Ryan, a real hero and pilot inmancha, America's Favorite Neighbor, Mr. Rogers inA nice day in the neighborhood.a stupid immigrantTerminal, and a renowned symbologist from the Robert Langdon series.

Is there anything the movie star can't do? Heck, he even became a director in 1996What are you doing!.

19. Robin Williams

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Robin Williams is considered one of the greatest comedy actors of all time. While initially popular for her improvisational skills, she later gained recognition for her roles in major films.

A last emotional dinner fromSociety of Dead Poetsit still gives me goosebumps and it inspired a whole generation too. Her work as a therapist ingoodwill huntsome genuine practitioners deeply affected.Juan Keatingis one of his most recognizable characters in his 37-year film career.Good morning Viet NamHe was so popular that the crew of NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery started their day with an alarm imitating his character.

Along with a deserved win forgoodwill huntThe actor received four Oscar nominations.

Unfortunately, after a lifelong battle with Lewy body disease, Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014. He experienced bouts of depression, anxiety, and paranoia. His death shocked the entire entertainment industry. Fans erected makeshift memorials at various locations around the city and took to social media to pay tribute with reenactments of ¡O Capitán! My Captain Scene!.

20. Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise is the undisputed Hollywood icon of our time. The 60-year-old actor's muscular physique and impressive commitment to stunt sequences have made Cruise one of the greatest action stars of all time. Controversy and criticism have dogged the world-class performer throughout his four-decade acting career. But we often overlook his incredible versatility as an actor who has an amazing filmography.

He has collaborated with notable authors such as Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann and Paul Thomas Anderson. Perhaps no other actor in film history has had countless box office hits and received as much critical acclaim. Cruise made his screen debut in 1981, playing a minor role in the romantic drama.endless Love. The initial media attention to the actor mainly praised his appearance. But he proved everyone wrong by appearing in movies likethe color of money(1986),rainman(1988), jborn on the fourth of july(1989).

movies likea risky endeavor(1983),Top Gun(1986), jMission Impossible-FranchiseThey were a testament to Cruise's incredible charisma. Actually like moviesJerry Maguire (1996),Minority message(2002),Guarantee(2004) etc. It wouldn't have been nearly as compelling if it weren't for his unforgettable screen presence.

21. Gary Oldman

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One of the greatest actors of his generation, Gary Oldman had an uncanny ability to morph into any character he played. A celebrated playwright insharpen your ears, a wonderful musician inimmortal lover, a bloodthirsty vampire in Francis Ford Coppola's filmDracula, a magician with an aura of mystery that surrounds him in the work of Alfonso CuarónHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Gary Oldman displayed an almost chameleon-like ability to morph into the roles he played.

Like his celebrated contemporary Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman began on the British stage and later moved into supporting roles in film and television. His role cameSid y Nancy(1986), where Gary played the roleSid Vicious, a punk icon best remembered as the bassist for the Sex Pistol. Gary was able to show that beneath the glitz and glamor of a rock star lifestyle was a child who needed unconditional love and validation.sidhe might be a crazy killer, but Oldman made him look kind of human.

By the mid-'90s, Oldman had become the go-to place for all villain roles. These roles helped build him a huge cult following, with Tom Hardy calling him his "absolute, absolute hero." Finally, in 2018, he won an acting Oscar for Outstanding Performance asWinston ChurchillShedarkest hour.

22. Willem Dafoe

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With over 100 credits to his extensive filmography, Willem Dafoe is a natural born actor and one of Hollywood's greatest living actors. His film journey began with theater in 1977 at the age of 17.

He is best known for his versatility and willingness to appear in controversial roles over the years.

His constant need to reinvent himself has resulted in some of the finest work in mainstream and independent cinema. He has received four Oscar nominations over the years. 3 for Best Supporting Actor inZug(1987),Vampire Shadow(2001),The Florida Project(2018) and 1 for Best Actor inAt the gate of eternity(2019).

His natural daring is evident in the diverse cast of characters he has played to date. An elite assassin inJohn Docht,green goblinat Raimi's houseSpider Man,too foxin the controversial film by Lars von TrierB.C, one of the suspectsMord im Orient-Express.

Dafoe married Italian director Giada Colgrand in 2005. They made three films together:Kaplan,a woman, miBefore I had a name.

23. Denzel Washington

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Denzel Washington is often credited with reshaping the conventional notion of stardom and teaming up with characters distinguished by their resilience and inner strength. His commanding on-screen presence means it's almost impossible to take your eyes off of him. The multi-talented actor earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of real-life characters: a Muslim minister inMalcom X, football coachRemember the titans(2000) and activist against apartheid inscream freedom(1987). He won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of a dirty Los Angeles coptraining day.

In 2016, Fences, directed and produced by Denzel Washington, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

While visiting Atlanta to promote the film, he took time out to meet his childhood librarian, Mrs. Connie, for her 99th birthdayºBirthday. They hadn't seen each other in over half a decade, but she said she never got over it.

24. Daniel Day Lewis

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If there's one great actor that deserves first place among other great actors, it's Daniel Day Lewis. In his formative years, Daniel Day-Lewis learned to mimic the mannerisms of those around him to deal with bullying. Little did he know that he would later put these acquired skills to good use. Day-Lewis has always had an aura of ambiguity about him. He has acted in only six films since 1988, with up to five years between roles.

He took the idea of ​​method acting one step further and stayed fully in character throughout the film's shooting schedule. He spent two nights in prison for InName of the fatherand three police teams interrogated him for nine hours.

during filmingmy left footShe insisted on visiting restaurants while in a wheelchair. It's this dedication to his craft that has made him the only actor to have won three Academy Awards for Best Actor. Lewis won the trio of awards formy left foot(1989),it will be blood(2007) miLincoln(2012). Unfortunately, after the publication of Day-Lewis announced his retirementghost lineim 2017.

25. The ball Cristiano

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Name another actor who has gone through as many drastic physical changes as Bale. He grew fat and required extensive dental work before he showed upamerican psycho. FordriverHe reportedly lost 60 pounds to play an insomniac. So he gained back 40 pounds to play Dick Cheney in the biopic.Seeks.It makes my head spin a bit just listing everything.

He was chosen from over 4,000 children to play a British boy in Steven Spielberg's film.Empire of the Sun. It was his first touch of fame. But it came at a price. Bale was bullied at school and soon developed a dislike for the acting profession. Kenneth Branagh had to do a lot of convincing to get him back into acting. Since then, Bale has gained widespread recognition with roles such asPatrick BatemannSheamerican psychomiBatmande Christopher Nolandark KnightTrilogy. Being a motorsport enthusiast I was looking forward to seeing Bale play motorsport legend Ken MilesFord x Ferrari.He definitely lived up to the role, which was a fitting ode to the man who lost his life doing something he loved dearly.

26. Felipe Seymour Hoffman

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It's been nearly eight years since Hollywood lost one of its greatest actors at the age of 46, but the shock of his death isn't wearing off. Phil Hoffman was a highly original actor who gave captivating performances in almost every role.

Be like an intimidating villain inImpossible Missionor a sexually confused boom operator inboogie nights, Phil Hoffman approached the characters with great conviction. From independent art house films to genre films, he has made countless memorable appearances over his two-decade career.

The actor is best known for his collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson. His strongest role in Anderson's film was that of the charming cult leaderLehrer. Equally fascinating was Hoffman in the bizarre metafiction.Synecdoche, New Yorkand Bennett MillerHood. The actor has also made a name for himself in quiet, character-driven films such aswildmiDuda. Although Phil Hoffman moved on to Hollywood's A-list acting roster, he continued to direct plays and remain active in theater.

27.Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio, best known for his collaborations with Martin Scorsese, made his debut with a sensitive portrayal of a disabled childWhat does Gilbert Grape eat?.The 1993 drama, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, earned him his first Oscar nomination. He was personally handpicked by Robert DeNiro to star alongside him.

Leonardo DiCaprio is capitalizing on his newfound popularity and has made a name for himself playing easily abandoned characters. of the lovelyJack DawsonSheTitanicfor the scheming scammerCatch Me If You Canfor a charismaticJordan BelfortSheThe Wolf of Wall StreetIts range is incredible.

He is considered an outstanding star and has worked with Oscar favorites such as Alejandro Iñárritu, Sam Mendes, Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle and Steven Spielberg. Unlike his contemporaries, DiCaprio has yet to appear in a comic book or franchise film. In short, this movie starEsThe Franchise.

28. Joaquin Phoenix

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It's incredibly amazing how Joaquin Phoenix excels at playing explosive, sensitive characters with great nuance. He was a relentless psychopath inGladiator, a sociopath with megalomania inClown. At the same time, Phoenix is ​​brilliantly understanding and tenderWhymiC'mon C'mon.

Although Phoenix won an Oscar for itClownHe clearly had the best performance of his career in AndersonLehrer, a driving alcoholic war veteran. Nobody could bring a sense of deep vulnerability to the role like Phoenix.

He was as good as a stoned detectiveinnate vice, when the great music legend Johnny Cash inwalk the line, and like a traumatized killer into ityou were never really here. Phoenix began his career as a child actor. He made a smooth transition from child to adult role. Also, since the beginning of his career, Phoenix has never chosen a generic role and has made a name for himself in small character roles.

29. Tom Hardy

The 25 Greatest Actors of All Time (29)

Tom Hardy is a nuanced heavyweight actor who is as convincing a tough guy as he is a sensitive and vulnerable individual. He comes from a wealthy London family. Hardy went through a turbulent period of adolescence when he began using hard drugs and was arrested before the age of 18 for robbery and possession of a gun. He studied Method Acting at the Drama Center London and eventually sought help to overcome his addiction.

Hardy made his screen debut in the critically acclaimed World War II of brothers(2001). That same year, the actor had a supporting role in Ridley Scott's drama/ hawk below. Hardy worked in the theater at the same time. In 2006 he founded and directed Shotgun, an underground theater company. While Hardy has played recognizable roles in films such aslayer cake(2006) miRock'n'Roll(2008) he turned heads by playing a notoriously violent British prisoner in Nicolas' film Winding Refn.Bronze(2008).

Hardy's method acting skills peaked during the game.Charles Bronson, a bald, muscular guy with mental health issues. The actor earned £100 for the role. Hardy's engaging performance caught Hollywood attention and became part of Nolan's blockbuster.Start(2010). While Hardy has taken on high-profile projects in Hollywood, he's also returned to subtle, low-key roles in films likeLocke(2013).

30. Mahershala Ali

The 25 Greatest Actors of All Time (30)

Mahershala Ali was a former rapper and is now the first black actor to win two Oscars in the same category. Ali's first big pitch was in front of Fincher.The curious case of Benjamin Buttonwhere he played the role ofbusy time. He also appeared in Marvel.Luke cageand Netflix serieshouse of cards. But it was his role asmentor and distributor,Johannes IOutsidewhich earned him critical acclaim and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

He later picked up on itgreen bookIn 2018 he won another Oscar for the role ofdon shirley. At San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, it was announced that Mahershala Ali had signed on to play Blade in the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe. Comic adaptations are no stranger to Ali. Previously, he attempted the role ofthe trapnot excellentSpider-Man: In den Spider-Vers.


Here we are! These are some of the greatest actors of all time. We are drawn to actors, both on film and in real life, for their natural ability to influence human behavior. But what about the actions of a fictional character that hits so hard? The answer lies in how our minds work and how we process emotions like sympathy. We come into contact with some kind of collective trauma that makes us want to ease their pain. These great actors make us forget for a moment that fact takes place in the realm of fiction.

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The 25 Greatest Actors of All Time (31)

(Additional writing by Arun Kumar)


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