The 5 Best Wine Cabinets - March 2023 - Top Rated (2023)

If you enjoy a good glass of wine at dinner or with friends and like to always have a large selection of good wines at hand, you should save yoursWeincorrect. A good bottle of wine is an investment that needs the right treatment to keep the aroma and flavor at their best. That's why a wine storage cabinet is a smart move.

Some wine lovers are lucky enough to live in a house large enough to devote an entire room to a wine cellar. However, the cost and space requirements of having your own wine cellar are out of the question for most people. Fortunately, you can create a small wine storage area in any area of ​​your home with a wine cabinet.

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Even if you're an occasional wine connoisseur, store your bottles in the right conditions to best preserve good wine.

important considerations

Wine storage options

In addition to your refrigerator or a specific wine cellar or cabinet, there are three basic ways to store multiple bottles of wine around your home: wine rack, wine cooler, and wine cabinet.

Wine shelf:This is a simple frame designed to hold wine bottles horizontally. A rack is definitely not for long-term storage of fine wines, but you can use one to store less expensive wine bottles that you plan to enjoy in the near racksThey are usually made of wood or metal and come in a variety of styles, from ornate and decorative to simple and utilitarian.

You can choose from wall mounted wine racks, small units that fit just a few bottles on a table or in a cabinet, or larger furniture style shelves. Some wine racks resemble small cabinets, complete with glass or wood doors, shelves for stemware, and storage for other wine accessories, such as wine glasses. B. a wine rack.aeratorjtin opener. For the best taste, place your wine rack in a dark place away from heat sources and away from high-traffic or high-traffic areas of the home.

wine cellar:A wine cooler (also calledwine cellaror wine cooler) improves storage by keeping wine in the recommended 50°F to 59°F cooling zone. They range from small units that hold just half a dozen bottles to large, regular fridge-sized units that hold up to 200 or more. The size you choose will likely depend on how much space you have for it. Remember that your fridge fills up quickly, so buy the largest possible unit.

When deciding where to place your wine cooler, remember that most units vent at the back, so don't push it against the wall. There should be at least a few inches of space on all sides of the wine cooler.

wine cabinet:A wine cellar is a good choice for the wine connoisseur with an extensive collection of fine wines. It's like an autonomous winery. Wine cabinets take your wine cooler to the next level by controlling humidity and temperature. This makes the cellar ideal for aging the finest wines. It also makes wine cabinets more expensive than wine coolers. Most of these units are large, similar in size to a refrigerator, but usually in the style of an attractive piece of furniture. Beautiful woodwork, intricate moldings, and ornate glass panels are common.

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expert tip

There are several ways to store wine at home, including shelves, cabinets, and refrigerators.


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A wine cellar is the closest thing to owning a wine cellar and is an important investment. These are some of the things to consider when making your choice.

temperature zones

You will find that some basements only have one temperature zone, while others have two or three temperature zones.

A zone:These wine racks are useful for storing all types of wine at the same temperature, but they cannot cool different types of wine.Weinat different operating temperatures.

Two zones:These wine cabinets allow you to storeWhite wineat its optimal operating temperature of 42°F to 50°F andred winein its ideal range of 56°F to 65°F.

Three or more zones:There are also basements with multiple zones, each with its own temperature control. They are useful for storing a variety of wines, including sparkling wines, at different temperatures or for bringing bottles to different temperaturesService.

shelves and shelves

Backstage:Cheaper wine cabinets often have metal shelves, but wood is the best option because it's less likely to scratch bottles and absorbs vibration better. The best wine cellars have rubber mounts that absorb vibrations from the compressor or external sources.

Regale:Sliding shelves make accessing bottles easier, but built-in non-slip shelves allow bottles to be stacked for more storage. Adjustable shelves are also desirable if you have taller wine bottles.

moisture control

In most wine cellars, you can adjust the humidity in a range of 50% to 80% and then keep the humidity stable. If the humidity is too low, corks can dry out and crumble; too high and the cork may soften.


There are wine cabinets built to hold up to 300 bottles and cabinets that can only hold a dozen bottles. The larger the capacity, the larger the unit, so your decision will depend on the cabinet space you have available as well as the number of bottles you want to store at any given time.


Direct light and ultraviolet rays can affect the quality of a good wine, and most wine cellars don't have indoor lighting. However, some more sophisticated devices are equipped with amber LEDs that do not harm the wine.


While some wine cabinets are sleek and contemporary with lots of chrome and glass, others have a more traditional look reminiscent of a wooden bookcase with glass doors. Choose a style that goes with the rest of your decor.

"A nice glass of well-chilled wine is one of life's greatest pleasures."


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Prices for wine climate cabinets

While a basic wine rack might cost under $50 and a basic wine cooler $200, you'll spend a little more for most wine cabinets. Many are custom made, but if you're looking for a pre-built wine cabinet, you can expect to pay.

Cheap:For under $300, you can find small wine cabinets that can hold a dozen bottles on fixed shelves. Expect a single temperature zone and metal grilles. These cabinets often have a very industrial look, with glass doors and metal exteriors.

Middle area:Between $300 and $1,000 is the sweet spot for the wine lover who likes to stock up to 50 bottles. In this line you will still mainly find smaller wine cabinets, but the quality is better. Features like sliding shelves, dual temperature zones, and wooden shelves are common.

Carol:For the true wine connoisseur, only the best is good enough. High-end wine cabinets range in price from $1,000 to over $5,000 depending on capacity, size, and style. For a lot of money you can find cabinets for 100 bottles or more, multi-zone air conditioning, intricate shelving systems that allow you to adjust the shelves to different sizes of bottles, interior lighting and beautiful wooden facades that look like fine furniture.

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A temperature of 50°F is suitable for storing red and white wine.


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Given the right conditions, wine can be stored for years, aging gracefully and awaiting that special day when you open the bottle. These four factors are the most important when storing wine.

  • Store wine in the dark.Exposure to light can affect the taste of wine, especially white wine. Although most colored wine bottles have UV filter glass, wine should still be stored in the dark.
  • Store wine at the right humidity level.The low relative humidity in an average home can cause wine bottle corks to shrink easily, allowing oxygen into the bottle and spoiling the taste. The ideal relative humidity for wine storage is 65% to 75%. For similar reasons, a wine bottle should always stand on its side. This keeps the cork in contact with the liquid and prevents it from shrinking and oxidizing.
  • Keep the wine at the right temperature.High temperatures are the enemy of good wine. As a general rule, white wine is best stored between 40°F and 52°F and red wine between 50°F and 64°F. The temperature must also be constant, since large temperature fluctuations can have a negative effect on the wine.
  • Keep wine away from vibration.Wine must be kept still during storage. Placing a wine rack on top of a refrigerator or other location subject to frequent vibration and movement will prevent sediment from building up in the wine and destroying the subtleties of flavor.

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For the serious wine purist, nothing beats a cellar for optimal control of environmental factors.

frequently asked Questions

Q. Is it really necessary to put the wine aside?
If the wine bottle is closed with a cork, it should be held on its side until the bottle is opened. This keeps the wine in contact with the cork and prevents it from drying out and cracking. A broken cork will allow oxygen into the bottle, resulting in an oxidized and acidic tasting wine. However, after opening the bottle, go ahead andsave on computervertically to the end.

Q. What is the correct serving temperature for wine?
While all wines can be stored within the same temperature range, red and white wines are not served at the same temperature. Ideally, white wine should be served chilled at 42°F to 50°F, while red wine should be slightly closer to room temperature, with an ideal range of 56°F to 65°F.

Q. Is a freestanding wine cellar my only option?
You're welcome. In addition to freestanding units, which often resemble a decorative fridge and are roughly the same size, there are also wine cabinets, designed to fit in an alcove, and small units that slide under a counter.

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