What kind of silver bar should I buy in 2022? - The definitive guide to silver bullion (2023)

This article will help you decide what type of silver bullion to buy in 2022. You will learn everything you need to know when buying silver bullion, including:

  • When do you choose silver bars over silver coins?
  • What size silver bar to buy
  • Pros and cons of different sizes of silver bars
  • What is the most commonly purchased size of a silver bar
  • Various brands of silver bars
  • Cast bars vs. hammered bars


  • Why is it worth buying silver bars?
    • 1. Silver bars are cheaper than silver coins
    • 2. Silver bars are easier and cheaper to store than silver coins
  • What size silver bar should I buy?
    • Pros and cons of different sizes of silver bars
    • What is the best silver bar weight?
    • What is the most commonly purchased silver bar size?
  • Various brands of silver bars
  • No GST on silver with purity greater than 99.9%.
  • Cast bars vs. hammered bars
    • What is a silver cast bar?
    • What is a Silver Embossed Bar?
  • Final thoughts on choosing a type of silver bar at the end of 2022

So after looking at all the reasonsWhy is it worth buying silver?, you have come to the conclusion that it is nowtime to buy. you also decidedwhat percentage of gold and silver you should have in your wallet.

Now you need to decide what kind of silver you want to buy. The first decision to be made is betweenbuy silver coinsEUsilver bars.

Why is it worth buying silver bars?

There are 2 main reasons why you should consider choosing silver bars over silver coins.

1. Silver bars are cheaper than silver coins

What kind of silver bar should I buy in 2022? - The definitive guide to silver bullion (1)

Producing silver coins requires more time and effort compared to silver bars. Most silver bars are cast or smelted. Which, while labor intensive, is still cheaper to produce than minting or minting a coin.

For this reason, silver bars often have a lower premium or higher margin.low pricemade of silver.

This margin difference between coins and bars is even more noticeable with silver versus gold.

Because gold is usually bought in the measure of 1 ounce. So the difference between a 1oz coin and a 1oz gold bar is not that big. Maybe around 2-4%.

However, silver is now just over 80 times cheaper per ounce than gold. Therefore, buying the equivalent of 1 ounce of gold coin would require just over 80 silver coins.

But now let's compare buying 100 x 1oz silver coins with a single 100oz silver bar:

100x1 ounce silver maple coins= 4619 USD

1 xA 100 oz silver bar= 3839,90 USD

Bars are therefore clearly cheaper to buy than coins. In other words, you earn more silver for the same amount you spend buying bars instead of coins.

2. Silver bars are easier and cheaper to store than silver coins

What kind of silver bar should I buy in 2022? - The definitive guide to silver bullion (2)

The second important advantage of silver bars is that they are easier and, when buying a large amount of silver, cheaper to store than silver coins.


Because the shape of the coins along with the packaging makes the silver coins occupy more volume than the equivalent weight of silver in bars.

So more space means higher storage costs if you pay for it.silver storage.

But there are also good reasons why some people choose to own coins as well. For more information on choosing between silver bars and silver coins, see:New Zealand Gold Coins (and Silver Coins) or New Zealand Gold Bars (and Silver Bars): Which Should I Buy?

What size silver bar should I buy?

So, now that you've decided to buy silver bullion, the next decision to make is what size silver to buy in 2022?

The short answer is that the biggest bar gives the smallest bonus. This is generally true, as the same amount of work is required to launch the cube regardless of its size. Therefore, the net cost of making a large bar is quite similar to that of making a small bar.

However, the answer isn't necessarily as simple as bigger is better.

Pros and cons of different sizes of silver bars

While a 1000oz silver bar is the cheapest way to buy silver. It's not necessarily the best option for everyone. The premium over the spot price is certainly the lowest.

However, large bar sizes can have their drawbacks. Unless you are buying 1,000 and 1,000 ounce silver, the 1,000 ounce bar may not be the best option.

Divisibility– It is not so easy to break a larger bar into smaller parts and sell them separately. However, if you buy some silver bars that are 100 ounces or a little less1 kg the silver bars,they are easily sold in installments.

Ease of resale– For 1000 oz bars, your options may be limited when selling. Because there will be fewer potential buyers than with small bars. Maybe only gold refiners buy a 1000oz bar from you. Because less people can buy 1000oz of silver bullion.

Test– When you sell your 1,000oz silver bars, you may also need to test them to confirm their valuecleaning.This will result in slower sales and will also add additional costs.

What is the best silver bar weight?

What kind of silver bar should I buy in 2022? - The definitive guide to silver bullion (3)

How much you spend on silver in total makes a big difference when determining the size and weight of the silver bar you buy.

Do you buy a hundred ounces? What10 ounces of silver barscan be a good buy

But if you buy a few thousand ounces,100 oz silver barsor 1 kg bars can be a good solution.

(Use: 100troy ons= 3.11035 kilogram)

What is the most commonly purchased silver bar size?

The silver bar we sell most often is1kg silver bar.

Probably because 1 kg offers the best combination of divisibility with a smaller premium.

You might want to add something10 oz barsfor greater divisibility.

Many people also like silver coins as the best form of financial insurance. To see:What is the use of silver coins in New Zealand during a currency meltdown?

Various brands of silver bars

There is a huge variety of brands available to choose from when choosing silver bars.

This includes locally refined brands from New Zealand and foreign brands such as:

  • Argor-Heraeus
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Engelharda
  • Metal
  • Mennica Perth
  • Royal Canadian Mint

You need to weigh the pros and cons of buying locally refined silver bars versus foreign produced or imported silver bars. For more information on this, see:PAMP Suisse Gold/Silver vs Local NZ Gold/Silver: which should I buy?

All the above brands are known and trusted all over the world. So if you buy one of these from a reputable retailer, you shouldn't make too many mistakes. But whichever silver bar you choose, there are a few things you can expect from it:

  1. The refinery mark must be cast or engraved on a silver bar.
  2. Cube cleaning must also be clearly visible. usually go999 pureza ou 99,9% de pureza. (However, a foreign coin such as the Krugerrand silver coin does not have purity marks.)
  3. Finally, the weight in grams, ounces or kilograms must be stamped on each bar.

Certain brands and sizes may also be molded or stamped with a unique serial number and shipped with a certificate. (for example1 kg of ABC Bullion silver bareu100 oz ABC Bullion silver bar) You usually also pay more for these types of bars.

No GST on silver with purity greater than 99.9%.

Silver bars and coins with less than 99.9% pure silver attract GST in New Zealand. However, this issue is usually not a cause for concern when buying silver bars, as almost all bars are 999 or 99.9% pure.

More about it:GST on gold and silver: Can the New Zealand government start adding GST to gold and silver?

Cast bars vs. hammered bars

What is a silver cast bar?

A cast bar simply means that the silver has been melted and then poured into a mold or mold. This casting will be engraved with the refinery's mark along with weight and purity. Cast bar may also be called cast bar, cast bar or silver bar. The words barra and barra are often used interchangeably.

What is a Silver Embossed Bar?

A minted bar, on the other hand, is produced in the same way as a coin. There are many steps involved. There is even a casting process to produce a specific sized bar. But then the bar is produced by the beating process. The machine hits the bar, effectively stamping it with a coin-like pattern. Since stamped bars are more "labor" to produce, they tend to be more expensive than cast bars of the same size.

Beaten silver bars are generally produced in 1 ounce or 10 ounce weights. Therefore, they are much more expensive than larger bar sizes. Therefore, they are not a popular purchase. Investors often opt for 1oz coins as they tend to be less expensive than 1oz silver bars.

Final thoughts on choosing a type of silver bar at the end of 2022

As you can see, there are many types of silver bars to choose from. Our personal preference rather than picking one is the choice. you can get some100 onslubricantthe ropes 1kgto get the best prices and more silver for your money. Then grab some 10oz and 5oz silver bars for breakability and easy resale. Now is a good time to consider these smaller options. For the first time in many months, we have locally refined10 onsEU5 ounces of silver barspossibility to reorder. The expected shipping date is also now capped at around 2 weeks.

Check out the full range of silver bars available today:buy silver bars.

Editor's Note:This article was first published on June 26, 2018. Last updated on November 23, 2022 with new links to various products and up-to-date price comparisons.


What kind of silver bar should I buy in 2022? - The definitive guide to silver bullion? ›

Minted Silver Bars

999 fine gold, or . 900 fine platinum. The best investment approach in actual precious metals is with mint silver bars.

What is the best silver bar to invest in? ›

Minted Silver Bars

999 fine gold, or . 900 fine platinum. The best investment approach in actual precious metals is with mint silver bars.

How do I choose a silver bar? ›

One of your first decisions when buying silver bars is what size to purchase. Silver bars comfe in different sizes and weights. The majority range from 1-ounce to 100-ounces, which is the suitable for most investors. Bars are produced as heavy as 1,000 ounces, which is what banks, exchanges, and ETFs usually buy.

What is the best weight of silver to buy? ›

The 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz and 100-oz sizes are generally the more popular choices with silver investors (as well as the 32.15-oz bars better referred to as kilos). Obviously, the more ounces the bigger the cost and, thereby, investment potential.

Does it matter what silver bar you buy? ›

Most investors prefer the finest possible silver bars. Some mints, like the Royal Canadian Mint, produce silver bullion at 0.9999 fineness, though there are many respectable mints that produce silver bars of 0.999 purity. Silver bars must be at least 0.999 fineness to qualify for trades on exchanges.

What is the most popular silver to buy? ›

American Silver Eagles are the best-selling silver in the world. First issued in 1986, these are offered only in a 1 oz.

Are 10 oz silver bars worth buying? ›

10 oz Silver Compared to Smaller Weights

In between these two popular weights though, 10 oz silver bars offer great value to buyers. Compared to 1 Kilogram silver bars, 10 oz silver is much easier to store and transport because it is lighter in weight per each bar.

What is the most common silver bar? ›

The 1 Troy oz silver bar is the most common size traded around the world. Even countries that use the metric system still produce bars (and coins) in the 1 Troy oz size, since it is so popular.

What is the most popular weight silver bars? ›

100-ounce Bar: The 100 oz bars measure about 184 by 80mm by 20mm and contain around 3.107kg of pure silver. 100 ounce bars are one of the most popular silver bars. 1,000-ounce Bar: The 1,000 oz ounce Good Delivery bars is 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and ¼ inch thick. A 1,000 oz bar is a Good Delivery bar.

What is a reasonable premium for silver? ›

A fair premium for silver bars is typically 5% to 8%, while silver coins usually trade for 12% to 20% premiums above spot.

How much silver should you buy at a time? ›

Some analysts recommend allocating 5–10% of your portfolio toward gold and silver. Others suggest allocating up to 25%. So you may be wondering, “How much gold and silver should I own?” It depends on your situation and needs. The allocation will differ for every individual.

Should silver be light or heavy? ›

FAQ Overview. The term 'heavy metal' is generally used to refer to a group of metals with densities greater than 5.0 g/cm³. Under this definition, silver, which has a density of 10.49 g/cm³, is indeed a heavy metal – as are iron (7.9 g/cm³), nickel (8.9 g/cm³), copper (8.9 g/cm³) and gold (19.32 g/cm³).

Is it better to buy silver coins or silver bars? ›

Silver coins offer several advantages over investing in silver bars, such as easier selling of smaller quantities at once, higher resale value due to collectible value and rarity factors, and better protection against counterfeiting or fraudulent products.

Is it better to stack silver coins or bars? ›

Silver coins can be more inexpensive in the case of junk 90% silver dimes, quarters, and halves. Yet you'll get more silver for the same price if you buy it in bar form. You can stack more silver for less money buying bars. But silver coins guarantee the option of spending them if times ever get tough.

Is it better to have silver coins or silver bullion? ›

Silver bullion can typically be acquired at lower premiums than silver coins and has a value that closely tracks the spot price of silver. This means that as long as you properly store silver bullion, you can reliably track changes in its value by checking the current price of silver.

What happens to silver if the dollar collapses? ›

Silver's Value Could Increase

One reason is because there's a limited supply of silver, meaning as demand increases if the dollar collapses, the value of silver will actually go up, since there's not an indefinite amount of silver left.

Where do you store silver bars? ›

How To Store Silver Bars? Store silver bars in a location with minimum air exposure and low humidity. Silver bullion (coins, bars, and rounds) can oxidize in damp environments and can be stored in soft cloth to avoid tarnish in silver. Avoid silver bar storage alongside gold bullion, so it doesn't scratch or tarnish.

Which company silver is best? ›

List of the Best Silver Brands in India
  • P.C. Chandra Jewellers.
  • Shaya by Caratlane.
  • PC Jeweller.
  • Ananth Jewels.
  • SJ Shubham Jewellers.
  • Ornate Jewels.
  • Voylla.
  • Sri Jagdamba Pearls.
Jan 6, 2023

How much should I pay for 10 oz silver bar? ›

10 oz Silver Bars (Design Our Choice) Sell to Us Price: $259.10 each.

Is it hard to sell silver bars? ›

Silver bars are a popular asset because they can be sold fairly quickly and will always retain a reasonable amount of value. Sell your silver bars when the market price for silver raises above the price that you originally paid for it to make money on your investment.

Are 100 oz silver bars a good investment? ›

100-ounce silver bars are a smart choice for investors. The 100 oz silver bars are convenient, easy to store and transport, and offer a simple way to invest in silver. The larger the bar, the more value it provides as you are paying a lower premium over silver spot price.

Will silver hit $100 an ounce? ›

Considering the factors mentioned above, it is possible that the price of silver could reach $100 per ounce in the future. However, there are no guarantees and it is impossible to predict when this will happen. Investors should always do their own research and make an informed decision before investing in silver.

How many ounces of silver can you sell without reporting? ›

Similarly, for sales of silver bars and rounds to warrant reporting, each silver piece needs to possess a fineness of at least . 999 with a total purchase quantity of 1,000 troy ounces or more. Lastly, sales of Palladium and Platinum bullion also have reporting requirements.

Is silver going to Skyrocket? ›

The year-to-date silver price average for 2023 (through to February 7) is more than 8 percent higher than the full year price average for 2022. Silver is also expected to achieve a new high in industrial applications, the most important category in the demand complex.

Are 1 oz silver bars easy to sell? ›

1 Ounce Silver Bars for Sale

Although they are one of the smallest in the silver bar category, 1-ounce silver bars are one of the most popular choices for silver bullion investment. They are easy to buy and sell, perfect for shipping and storage, and don't require a large initial investment to get started.

Do banks sell silver bars? ›

Purchasing Bars Safely

Many banks sell silver, so you can start your search for a dealer by visiting your local branch. While you should feel free to compare prices, banks often sell their silver at less of a markup than other dealers.

What is the difference between silver bullion and silver bars? ›

The minting process is the most significant difference between silver rounds and silver bullion coins. Like most silver bars, silver rounds are only minted by private firms while bullion coins are exclusively produced by government mints.

Are there different grades of silver bars? ›

Besides Sterling Silver, a number of other silver grades are commonly used around the world. Examples of these include Scandinavian Silver (830 fineness) and Britannia Silver (958 fineness).
Silver grades.
Type of silverFineness
Fine Silver999
Argentium Sterling Silver960
Britannia Silver958
French 1st Standard950
7 more rows

Should I stack silver bars? ›

Why the need to stock pile silver? Silver, along with other precious metals such as gold and platinum, is often bought as a hedge against inflation. Many investors like to stockpile silver as it is a great store of value. In other words, it retains its value over long periods of time.

Why are some silver bars more expensive than others? ›

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that silver bars always sell for more than the actual metal value they contain. Most of the difference is made up from production and handling costs and the style of the bar itself.

Why are 1oz silver eagles so expensive? ›

Silver Eagles come with a limited mintage. This means American Silver Eagles produced under specific conditions guaranteed their rarity. They will maintain their value no matter what happens to American currency. They are priced well and have a great value for the price.

Do banks sell silver eagles? ›

Yes, you can buy American Silver Eagle coins at a bank. The U.S. Mint indicates that it sells Silver Eagles to authorized purchasers. These “authorized purchasers create a two-way market buying and selling to wholesalers, financial institutions, and other secondary retailers.”

What does Dave Ramsey say about silver? ›

I'd stop investing in gold and silver completely. I don't put money in precious metals at all, because they have a lousy long-term track record. — Dave Ramsey is CEO of Ramsey Solutions.

What time of year is silver cheapest? ›

While the silver price is typically flat in March, the best month to buy is June, followed by October. The wisdom of buying in June is further supported by the daily chart above.

How much will 1 oz of silver be in 2025? ›

Still, six-month statistics show an ounce of silver is 14% higher than it was on September 6, 2022. According to the forecast on coinpriceforecast.com recorded on March 6, 2023, silver's price will “hit $30 by the middle of 2025 and then $40 by the end of 2026.”

What will 1 oz of silver be worth in 10 years? ›

We can rely on these data to suggest that in ten years, Silver can grow to a minimum of $150 an ounce from the current price of $20.75 an ounce. On the upside, it could reach up to $750 an ounce if the conditions are right. These are all highly realistic in the long term.

How can you tell if silver is good? ›

The “Magnet” Test

Since silver is paramagnetic, performing a magnetic test is the easiest way to tell if your silver has a high level of purity. The piece is authentic if it does not react, or reacts minimally (meaning without any visible movement). You have to use a strong magnet like a neodymium magnet.

Is there a difference between silver and sterling silver? ›

What's the difference between sterling silver and silver? Sterling silver is an alloy made mostly of silver and a small percentage of copper and zinc to strengthen it. It can last a lifetime and be passed on for many generations if properly cared for. Silver is soft and not as durable as sterling silver.

Is silver fine to shower with? ›

However, silver is a natural metal and therefore reacts with certain things. The water can oxidise the silver, meaning it is likely to tarnish and will therefore start to darken. There's also the risk of dropping or losing your jewellery, so we would recommend taking off your sterling silver jewellery before showering.

Is it better to buy bars or coins? ›

Gold is considered a reliable investment in all cases. Gold bars are particularly so, since their value can be accurately determined by the live spot price. Gold coins will command slightly higher premiums over the spot price than gold bars, due to the extra minting costs, and the commemorative nature of their value.

Should I buy silver eagles or silver bars? ›

Silver coins have the edge over bars as a legal tender in that they have more recognition in the physical metal market and are easier to sell (high liquidity). This increased liquidity and recognition in the market also mean higher demands for silver coins, which is reflected in a high premium over spot price.

What to look for when buying silver bars? ›

For investment purposes, you should buy fine silver which has a purity standard of 99.9%, as the price of silver bullion is based on the precious metal content rather than a fluctuating spot price, or current market price, determined by a third party.

What type of silver is the best investment? ›

The American Silver Eagle is the official investment-grade Silver bullion coin of the United States Mint, making it one of the few Silver bullion coins guaranteed for weight, content and purity by the U.S. government. The American Silver Eagle consists of 1 oz of . 999 fine Silver with a face value of one dollar.

What is the best way to purchase silver? ›

You can purchase silver through local dealers and pawn shops or online dealers such as APMEX or JM Bullion. More specialized dealers allow you to purchase whole bars rather than just coins.

Is it smart to buy silver bars? ›

While silver can be volatile, the precious metal is also seen as a safe-haven asset, similar to its sister metal gold. Safe-haven investments can offer protection in times of uncertainty, and with tensions running high, they could be a good choice for those looking to preserve their wealth in difficult times.

Which year silver coin is best? ›

Top 15 Best Silver Coins To Collect
  • 1946 Roosevelt Dime. ...
  • 1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter. ...
  • 1932 Washington Quarter. ...
  • 1807 Capped Bust Half Dollar. ...
  • 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. ...
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. ...
  • 1799 Draped Bust Dollar. ...
  • 1921 Morgan Dollar. 1921 Morgan silver dollar.
Jul 23, 2021

What is the cheapest way to buy silver coins? ›

Silver bars offer one of the cheapest ways to buy silver bullion, particularly for large amounts. With lower production costs compared to coins, the same weight of silver in a larger bar will typically be lower than that of multiple smaller coins.

Should I buy silver bars or coins? ›


Silver bars tend to be more cost-effective than coins when purchasing the same amount of metal. This is because they typically come in larger sizes than coins, so you can buy more for your money. For example, a 1 oz silver bar may cost less than ten individual 1/10 oz silver coins combined.

Does Warren Buffett invest in silver? ›

Investopedia contributors come from a range of backgrounds, and over 24 years there have been thousands of expert writers and editors who have contributed. Warren Buffett does not invest in gold. He has invested almost $1 billion in silver, so the reason for his aversion is not simply a dislike for precious metals.

What is better investment than silver? ›

Silver is more volatile, cheaper and more tightly linked with the industrial economy. Gold is more expensive and better for diversifying your portfolio overall. Either or both may have a place in your portfolio.

What is the future of silver in 2023? ›

Silver supply is expected to rise by 4 percent in 2023 to a new high of 1.055 billion ounces, which will be a new high, fueled by higher mine output.

What will silver be worth if the economy collapses? ›

Historically, if the dollar falls in value, silver will rise in the marketplace. However, if the dollar completely collapses, the American currency will be worthless. This outcome will leave silver null and void. If no person or company buys silver, then the value of the metal will decrease as well.

Does Bill Gates invest in silver? ›

Gates's personal investing companies, was made public in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. Although Mr. Gates's investment in Pan American Silver is a fraction of his net worth, it is nevertheless a significant vote of confidence in the metals markets. News of Mr.

What is the most profitable way to buy silver? ›

If the price of silver rises, you can make a profit on silver coins and bullion, but that's the only way you'll make money here, since the physical commodity does not produce cash flow, unlike a quality business. You can purchase silver through local dealers and pawn shops or online dealers such as APMEX or JM Bullion.

What is the best way to start investing in silver? ›

If you do choose to invest in silver, the best way is probably through a silver ETF. This allows you to participate in the metal itself with low fees and the ability to buy in and sell out quickly, and can easily be managed by low-fees brokers like E*TRADE.


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